To meld the materia you will need one materia of any kind with the corresponding grade of Carbonized Matter. CRP Level [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50] | [50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70] | [70-80]. The foremost workers of wood, carpenters possess expert knowledge of the hardness, pliability, weight, and value of all types of timber. Notes: [1]Single and [3]Repeatable Leves (1 each) are from the [H]ometown, and [L]ocal levemete. You get this quest as soon as you unlock Carpenter. If any of the leve's below are not available to you, it means you need to go to the turn in town and unlock leve quests there first. I just want to point out that from 50-60 some of the best exp you can get is from the moogle daily quests. You are asked to create three Square Maple Shields. Comment below if it's about this guide. um for the walnut Macuahuitl, if you hand in the triple exchange leve you only get under 20k exp, where if u hand them in one at a time in costa del sol u get 49k exp for each one you hand in……. This quest is unlocked at level five. Shadowbringers UPDATED! You can become a Carpenter by visiting the Carpenters’ Guild in Gridania. How to become a Carpenter? But 20% more exp for up to 9x the cost. Total material requirements if you do not fail: Upon reaching level 10, Beatin will request 12 lengths of Ash Lumber. Triples saves you several days of waiting for allowances. Total material requirements if you do not fail or high quality: Here is a look at the level 50 Carpenter gear. Went from 30-40 in about a half hour this way. Decided on Leveling CRP? It’ll cut down on the teleporting costs, which comes out to over 1000 gil per round trip without favored destination. It may cost you leves, but it’s well worth for time and money you’ll save from having to craft less. Just use the above as a quick reference if completing multiple Carpenter class quests at once. We will recommend the best [1] and [3] levequest(s) for every tier. He asks that you craft and deliver an Ash Shortbow and a Feathered Harpoon. Shards can not be bought from NPCs. Most items that contain wood as their primary ingredient will be crafted by this Disciple of the Hand . Their creed is to bring these natural traits to bear in the form of various wares, from the implements of war to the tools of various trades. Also, to make the trip easier, go ahead and make Costa del Sol and New Gridania favored destinations. This quest is unlocked at level five. Might want to look into that :). We have a Crafting Gear Guide to help you out on that. You are asked to create three Square Maple Shields. First off love ffxivguild guides , been using for years :) thank you …i just grind all crafts 1-50 (again lol) and i noticed that all the leves in them set lvls only offer 3 types now not 5 , i did all 3 types to see if i would get a new leve and nope same 3 may be something to look into ,i did buy some stuff on MB (HQ) just to see i could not get the leve for that item to come about, hmmmm… There should be 3 from the local levemete (area depends on level and class), and another 3 from the hometown (Limsa, Grid or Uldah – depending on class). Also, a Precursor item means it requires a fully crafted item AS A MATERIAL. TALK TO US! If you really feel like using these leves for these tiers: CRP 1 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Maple Patterns CRP 5 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Ash Macuahuitl CRP 10 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Ash Radical. Grants a bonus to control with every increase in quality. It cost zero mats as they are provided with the quests and the quests are extremely quick and super easy to complete. 5.2ish was a clusterF.Skills changed TWICE in a short span of time. The item requested is one Maple Lumber. Dragonstone Grinding Wheel should be Dragonscale Grinding Wheel. The greatest advancements in the craft have been made in the Twelveswood, home to the highest quality timber in Eorzea. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is wind. Depends if you are trying to power level several crafts in a short amount of time, without factoring in grinding which takes forever. You unlock more recipes at 75 but that’s a different story. Level 5: Maple Crook / Maple Cane [The Bannock] This guide (and most on this site) are horribly outdated since the nerfing of triple turn-ins and the buffing of single/couriers. Cost of crystals, effort of mats, everything.. not worth it. Suggestions for improvement? Currently an unpublished author working on multiple full length novels 3 of which being a 3 part trilogy. Also an avid video game player with a penchant for MMOs. Part one of my Carpenter class quest turn in guides covering levels 1-25. How to Learn the New Wall Lean Emote in FFXIV, Definitive Final Fantasy XIV BLM Rotations for Level 80, How to Get All FFXIV 5.1's New Housing Items/Furniture. Less travel time as well. Using Courier / Reverse Courier is the most efficient use of leves in these tiers: Level 1:  Maple Clogs / 3x Maple Lumber [The Bannock] Don't be shy! I prefer making a quick HQ macro and doing all 9 turn ins within 5min. Gridanian carpentry produces everything from the masks used in their religious ceremonies to the enormous waterwheels erected throughout their city. At Level 15 returning to Beatin will result in being asked to assist another Carpenter. Level 10:  3x Ash Lumber / Square Ash Shield [Bentbranch Meadows]. From Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki. The shopping list for 1-15 still isn’t active yet…. My First Saw: Level 1. Message us on any of our socials above about anything. Their creed is to bring these natural traits to bear in the form of various wares, from the implements of war to the tools of various trades. The shopping list is something I’m really iffy about. These guides are awesome! Shards are a level one gathering item for both Botany and Mining.