In contrast, if we hold that this universe is the product of sheer mechanical factors having no intellect, there remains no plausible reason why we should make strenuous efforts to discover its secrets. These are the benefits of planting tulip bulbs, Halloween kills coming to the silver screen in 2021 no matter what, Real estate market in London: Main things to know, The ‘A’ in STEAM: Why arts should be integrated into science-based subjects. According to Dr. Durant, behavior of a man who is not blessed with reliance on religion suffers from special epicurean confusion, and the life which has not the comforting support of religion, is an unbearable burden. What effect does your religion have on your daily life? In the near future, the law will be completely independent from religious morals and ethics. “Highly religious Americans are no less likely to have overeaten in the past week, and they are no more likely to say they exercise regularly. Christians, of all ages, have joined the rapidly growing ranks of the religiously unaffiliated or “nones”: a broad category including atheists, agnostics and those who adhere to “nothing These are the virtues without which, not only our life will lose its order and normalcy but it is very likely to be turned into a chaos. There are societies where there religion allows them to take the life of someone for no other reason than personal request. Research carried out by sociologists and historians shows that places of worship, either in their simple or elaborate and complex form, have always had an influence on human life, and religion in its various shapes has been interwoven with its history. Hence, true understanding of religion can play an important role in combating superstitions, though it is true that even religion itself, if not understood correctly, may promote superstitions. in particular.”. However it cannot be denied that disputes and dissensions among a section of Muslim people which in intensity from the fifth century (Hijra) onward, short-sightedness, non-realization of true teachings of Islam, apathy to progress and indifference to the spirit of the time, resulted in the backwardness of many Muslim countries. Religion may briefly be defined as under: Religion (din) is an all-round movement in the light of faith in Allah and a sense of responsibility for the formation of thought and belief, for the promotion of high principles of human morality for the establishment of good relations among members of the society and the elimination of every sort of undue discrimination. I don't think religion is vital in modern society. Otherwise it assumes the form of superstition, monasticism, escape from positive life and pseudo-agnostic negative tendencies, the examples of which can even now be seen in the West, where people have become fed up with a mechanical life. The social support that comes from attending services helps people feel needed, supported, and is a community of one where people have the common interests. "Surely those who are close to Allah, have no fear nor shall they grieve." Religion or rather worship of Jehovah God plays a very important role. Have your say on tolerance and the culture of religion in the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter. The scientific findings, based on theories and numerous experiments which can explain the natural selection and evolution are disregarded by fundamentalisms even though religion should be dealing with the course of human thought and action rather than speak of facts. For as long as there has been organized religion, there have been problems. Many argue that all religious beliefs are irrational and unreasonable without a scientific explanation. More conflict than compassion is taught by the three major religions of the world because they all believe their god to be the only true god. Factors leading to anti-religious movements and tendency to materialism in Europe should be looked for in the perspective of the policy which the Church pursued with regard to the Renaissance and progress of natural sciences in various fields. I'm just curious as to how many people on this site young and older are in major dilemma with religion or your faith when it comes to dealing if at all with you being gay? The decline has been propelled in part by generational change, as relatively non-Christian millennials reach adulthood and gradually replace the oldest and most Christian adults. People used to focus on religion as their answer to the world. We see in the likes of Syria, Palestine and Isreal, and many other countries that these wars are either fought over Land or Religions; sometimes both. — How would you describe the role of religion in your own life? I am baffled as to why human beings seem to need god in order to know what is right and wrong. Of course, it is possible to acquire these moral and social qualities without the aid of religion. From the need to light up a dark area we have moved from fire to Thomas Edison's light bulb, from needing transportation we've come from the wheel to the car you drove today. American society is largely built on a Protestant work ethic, so we tend to view work as moral and vital to our health. Volunteering was also seen more with religious people Pew revealed: “One-third of American adults (33 percent) say they volunteered in the past week. That feeling was different from the religion of the man in the street. We all understand that to take a life or to steal is a sin and should be punished. The history of human evolutionhas gradually witnessed the presence of religion. It is important to not let the differences between our beliefs take over the judgement and remain tolerant to anything which does not cause personal harm, or damage to the society as a whole. Often overlooked, it might be one of the most positive aspects of religion, the individuals finding their comfort through the belief in a divine power, rather than turning to more popular ways of numbing the mind such as drugs or alcohol. People are constantly losing their value and purpose in life. Unarguably religion has been a significant aspect of our society and culture since the beginning of human civilisation. I happily lead a Christian life. Enter valid first name and last name with at least one space. A superstitious and even destructive ideas may find way into his spiritual firmament and may for ever pollute his brain. What does the Church do with this money? The idea of piety can never be removed from human heart. Anyhow, it cannot be denied that every kind of religious thought or belief cannot produce the de-sired results. All forms of religion censure every kind of materialism, whether it be in its simple shape or in the garb of dialectic materialism, which forms the basis of Marxism and Communism, because materialism maintains that this, universe is merely a set of undesigned and aimless happenings. You can learn a lot about a society by its' religion. Those who attended religious services were recorded 3.36 positive emotions than those who rarely attended or practiced (3.08). According to it, all enjoy God's love and kindness equally and as such, all are equal. To be honest, there is no further use for religion in modern society. This movement soon gave birth to the scientists like Hasan lbn Haitham, the well-known Muslim Physicist, Jabir lbn Hayyan. He adds that, from time immemorial, religion has always gone hand in hand with human history. There is no such thing as an ordinary people, C.S. Question: Does religion play a role in your life? A sense of community can be magnified by the church which is seen by many as a centre point of their community which brings people together. Nevertheless, the hypocrisy presented in some of the beliefs and lack of any concrete evidence can appear naïve to those who were not raised in the community which practices their religion with devotion and commitment. Most people believe that religion is a code of life that enables us to live in peace and harmony. It cannot be contradicted that the acceptance of the principle of compulsion gives a hard blow to dynamism and the sense of duty and responsibility.