Teaching Different Ages . Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Jonathan is a native English teacher with 4+ years of teaching experience. You can then repeat this until there is a “definite winner”. #8: First Draft of the Revolution (browser game) – if your teen is interested in writing and/or the French revolution, they might really enjoy this intriguing game based around redrafting letters. Dictogloss. The students need to guess what this word is before the picture of the hangman is complete. A set of flashcards on the topic of daily routine such as brushing teeth, going to school and eating dinner. ESL games for adults Grammar games and activities. Tapple has a wheel, with most of the letters of the alphabet on it, and lots of different “topic cards” that cover 144 different categories. Again, this can help you with your typing speed and accuracy. With some free browser games, you’ll see a lot of ads. This game combines memory, vocabulary, and reading skills. Although you might never have played Dungeons and Dragons, I’m sure you’ve heard of this classic roleplaying game that’s been around since 1974 and is now onto is 5th edition. In case you don’t already know what they are; A tongue twister is a sentence (or several) that is very difficult to say (usually due to a sequence of similar sounds). #5: Amazing Tales (roleplaying) – this child-friendly RPG is a great way to introduce big-picture storytelling skills, particularly developing a character. You can buy extra puzzle packs at a fairly reasonable price, if you find that you want to play it a lot. This game combines a fantasy RPG setting (where you fight monsters, get loot, gain levels and so on), with word games to play along the way. Coupled with the fact that you may lose some attention from children, this is better aimed at adults. A very basic idea but we have a lot of room to work with this. Like the other apps we’ve looked at, it’s a good one for developing your vocabulary and spelling. You can unsubscribe at any time. Once all five stages are complete, the players open out the papers and read out the results. (If you’re playing with adults, you might also want to consider Cards Against Humanity, a decidedly not-kid-friendly game that works in a very similar way.). Your email address will not be published. You will receive emails from JIMMYESL. Make a note of any realia/resources you may need and if possible practise how you will run the class so there aren’t any surprises in the classroom! Hangman is a classic word game for two players. Click to download the PDF of this Colours word search, student level (from beginner to advanced), Person 1 needs to whisper a message to person 2 (without anyone else hearing). TV Show-Based ESL Games for Adults. Distribute a passage that you’d like students to read. While small children might find it a bit too challenging or frustrating, due to the short time limit, this could be a great game for older children looking to extend their vocabulary. Obviously, all of these games should help to improve typing skills: those which involve whole words may also help with spelling and vocabulary. You start by building a keyboard from letter blocks, then learn how to spot letters on the keyboard quickly before learning where those letters are located. Well, that’s great for children I hear you saying, but what about adults? #10: TypeTastic – this is another typing game aimed at young children, and this one starts with putting together a keyboard – a great place to begin. You can compete as a “guest racer”, or you can create an account and login so you can level up and gain rewards like a better car. With “describe it” the idea is to give a student a word. All the categories are suitable for kids. It needs to run on Windows 7 (64 bit) or Windows 10. It comes at writing from a much more literary angle than many of the other games, and if you’ve studied English literature or creative writing, or if you teach writing, then you might find it particularly interesting. Each player writes down one line of a story and folds the paper over before passing it around the table to the next player. So there we have it, 17 games for you to try in your classes. 10 Fun Spelling Games for Your ESL Class 0 349,412 0. Ruzzle works like Boggle, with a 4×4 grid of letters that you use to make words (the letters must be adjacent to one another). Student 1 – “t” *throws the ball to student 5, Student 5 – “i” *throws the ball to student 3, Add a time limit (e.g the student has 3 seconds to reply), Time limit for the whole group (e.g how many can the group get in 3 minutes), In a group, the student (who just answered) could ask the next student. MUDs, or “multi-user dungeons” have been around since the early days of networked computing in the ‘70s, and are the forerunners of games like Fortnite and World of Warcraft. Person 2... 2. This is a competitive typing game where you race a car against friends (or total strangers) by typing the text at the bottom of the screen. The advantage of this game over “describe it” is it can be a lot easier for beginner students to draw something than to try to think of a way to describe it in English. In this huge listicle, you’ll find 17 great ESL vocabulary game ideas with detailed instructions to include in your lessons. Play some fun ESL vocabulary games with them! English Club has 100s of fun, educational word games to help your vocabulary. To add a competitive angle to this you can have the ones who get it wrong lose the game and leave the round, repeat this until there is a winner. Building Vocabulary Adults. As with other apps, this is a great one for developing your spelling and vocabulary.