Choose from our icy fresh Raspberry Sorbet to the easy-peasy 2 ingredient Strawberry Sorbet and whip these up just in time for the holiday season or your next theme party. Watermelon Butter is thick and delicious - it's like non-spiced apple butter, only watermelon, and perfect spread on toast or biscuits. From easy classics to festive new favorites, you’ll find them all here. These frozen delights can work as more than just desserts - they can also be palate cleansers for between courses, and even play a part in savoury dishes, such as in Galton Blackiston's recipe for trout ceviche with avocado sorbet. Damson Plum Butter Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime One of the first memories I had of my grandmother's cooking growing up was when she and Grandpa had driven up from Texas with a share of food booty around Thanksgiving. These were very rich in taste with a crispy outside and a cool, creamy inside." From Kool-Aid pickles to deep-fried alligator, learn how to make some of the most outrageous, fun and far-out foods from across the country. Easy recipes and cooking hacks right to your inbox. Red Sorbet Recipes We've curated your favorite sorbet recipes using only red fruits! Strawberry sorbet with strawberry jelly, bergamot cream and white chocolate crumble, Sweet pea panna cotta with crab and cicely, mango and dashi sorbet, brown crab toast, Elderflower panna cotta with wild strawberry sorbet, yoghurt crumble and elderflower vinegar granita, Aerated raspberry mousse with herb sorbet and cocoa, Watermelon, rosemary and Prosecco sorbet cocktail, Raspberry wheat beer sorbet with marinated raspberries and raspberry beer jelly, Strawberry and champagne sorbet with basil cream and vanilla shortbread, Rum-poached sous vide pineapple with coconut lime sorbet, Violet parfait with blueberries, rose and lemon thyme sorbet, Rice pudding and sous vide rhubarb with ginger crumble, Dulcey chocolate, fig, blackcurrant and almond, Blood orange mousse with blood orange sorbet, Blackberries, fresh figs, goat's curd and gingerbread, Honey-roasted peach, peach sorbet and almonds, Victoria and Kia plum tart with olive oil and greengage sorbet, Coconut and yoghurt rice pudding arancini with yoghurt sorbet and mango, Mango crémeux douglas-fir and yoghurt sorbet, white cookie dough, Salted caramel tart with banana and passion fruit sorbet, Chocolate mousse with crème fraîche sorbet and vanilla squash, 'Milk and cookies' – milk meringue, whey sorbet and chocolate chip cookies, Bilberry, meringue, Granny Smith sorbet and salted granola, Chocolate aero with dark chocolate mousse and salted caramel, Cucumber and yoghurt sorbet with citrus-cured salmon, charred cucumber and pickled cucumber, Warm plum clafoutis with crème fraiche sorbet, Lemon curd with blackcurrant sorbet, oatmeal and mint glass, Spiced rhubarb pavlova, coconut yoghurt sorbet, Soft lemon meringue with strawberry salad, Poached peach, lemon cream and vanilla lemonade, White chocolate panna cotta with honeycomb, Hedgerow – pressed apple with elderberry sorbet and cobnut crumble, Peanut, caramelised banana, sorbet and banana cake, Hazelnut macarons with raspberry sorbet and rose opaline, Scottish raspberries on an iced crème fraiché mousse, Gooseberry pudding, yoghurt and blueberry, Strawberry jelly with elderflower cream and strawberry sorbet, Baked pineapple and ginger cake with muscovado sugar and mascarpone sorbet, White chocolate mousse and sorbet with dill and cucumber, Apple and blackberry compote with hazelnut crumble and blackberry sorbet, Caramel sous vide pineapple with pink peppercorns and a banana and passion fruit sorbet, Caramelised white chocolate mousse with variations of apple, muscovado and cinnamon, Sea buckthorn curd, meringue, yoghurt sorbet and wholemeal shortbread, Dill and vodka cured Fjord Trout with Bloody Mary sorbet and avocado, Assiette of apples with apple sorbet, panna cotta and butterscotch sauce, Strawberry, pistachio and white chocolate, Strawberry tarts with elderflower sorbet and crystallised pistachios, Pomegranate jelly, fruit salad and passion fruit and banana sorbet, Vanilla cheesecake with candied walnuts, grapes and apple sorbet, Bavarois of butternut squash with quince sorbet and poached blackberries, Orchard apples tarte Tatin, sorbet and parfait, Passion fruit and white chocolate cheesecake with fresh orange sorbet, White chocolate with grapefruit and lemon, Millet porridge, oat crumble and milk ice cream, White chocolate mousse with cardamom espuma and clementine sorbet, Gingerbread soufflé with Granny Smith apple sorbet, Pistachio and olive oil cake with apricot, Christmas pudding soufflé, cranberry sorbet, brandy anglaise, Compressed watermelon with coconut sorbet, Chocolate orange mousse, spiced fruit brioche and yoghurt sorbet, Gooseberry custard tart with gooseberry and ginger sorbet, Bread and butter pudding with chocolate sorbet, Alain Ducasse's pistachio and strawberry dessert for the Chelsea Flower Show, Raspberry nougatine, pistachio cream and raspberry reduction, Tonka bean crème brûlée with apricot sorbet and chocolate emulsion, Crème fraîche panna cotta with orange and mint sorbet, Baked halibut with pea mousse and sauce vierge, Elderflower jelly with summer berries and strawberry sorbet, Coconut panna cotta with strawberry gel, strawberry sorbet and cut strawberries, 5 unusual ice cream flavours to try this summer, Come dine with us: the modern dinner party, Enter the Great British Chefs Foodie Survey now, How to host the perfect New Year’s Eve party, Great British Menu 2014, London and South East Heat Preview, Announcing the chefs from BBC’s Great British Menu 2017, Great British Menu 2014, London and South East Heat Final, Join our Great British Chefs Cookbook Club. It's magical! The combination was so delicious it got me wondering why we don’t put sorbet into our g &t’s more often. Watermelon Butter Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime For Sunday Supper this week the associated bloggers in this group have put together a selection of recipes to preserve the summer harvest.