No stone left unturned. —We begin our studies with something we all find fairly easy to understand: the promise of God. And to know that as in days of old, we too are being given signs of the times in order to know what's coming - just as God said. God bless you fine brother in Christ. One question, I noticed in the chart 2 resurrections. Now I'm trying to get a timeline of current events from the Blood moons to the Trump peace plan. (11) When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. If so, this passage would be a contradiction, and we know that the bible is perfect and does not err. context?Respectfully, Paul and Barnabas went their own way, they were both effective for the kingdom. Love the the TRUTH and do not sell it...Jesus is the TRUTH. Gary, can you possibly send me that chart in a PDF? It was true in the past and it was true when Jesus spoke the words, but it has no bearing on the future.Thank you for chiming in, Jenny.My take on "No one knows".Paul Dawson also has a good video on it here.Blessings. Finally someone I can agree with! Paul...Its not right before the wedding. The flow chart provides a basic chronological study of several important points. Tap the title above, next to the arrow, to go to that lesson with a link back to this page. I've been putting together an End Times syllabus for a class I'm putting on soon. Read Jack Kelly's articles at Grace Thru Faith.Blessings! We need all the prayer help we can get! We will see the AC come to power then still have 3.5 years. If I were to apply your argument I would have to say yes. I say all this with love I'm just stating my opinion I personally feel this site needs to stop with the predicting and just love people. Pastor Rich - this comment is for YOU, out of my love for you.When does perfect come? Left to his own devices, man would quickly destroy himself. There will be no rebuilding of a 3rd temple. We know it is very near. [twitter][][4.7K] I outlined them in a Calc (Excel) spreadsheet for study. There are all sorts of directions people take that in. There is no need for Him to rule physically during a so-called '1000 year mil kingdom'.His kingdom is not of this world. | The Hub ?...while there is this constant upcoming events that are about to whisk us off this earth.People, we aren't being raised until the last day as the book of John mentions 5 times. He is seen holding them in his hand. Hundreds of roc... Deutsche Sprache | En Español LAST UPDATED: August 8th, 2017. And when does prophesy in part pass away?Is it not at his coming? This is scriptural. Not everything in the news, media, etc is prophetic sometimes life just happens. It’s a great, great, great, great grandson. And she proceeded to give birth to Reuben, Simeon, Levi-the father of the priesthood, and Judah. NOT a literal 1000 years. Fix that problem! Which tribe has to still be in existence, in order to be priests, if temple sacrifices were to be brought back? Can you explain how you are charting it? However Chuck mentioned that while Jeconiah was blood line through to Joseph (Matthew 1), one other of Davids descendants found its way through to Mary (although it mentions the line through to Joseph again in Luke 3 but this would have been Mary due to custom...etc). The woman that he didn’t even want, when her sister couldn’t have children, she did. There is no RESURRECTION to eternal life at PRE TRIB in the Bible whatsoever. The separation of the wheat & tares, & the sheep & goats are one & the same. You start at the bottom with “promises”. Also, no such thing as the resurrection of the wicked dead which comes much later, which is separated by 1000 years. All have been fulfilled. We can see the picture puzzle taking shape - we're just waiting on that last piece for it to be complete!And... Jesus DOES know when. I read multiple resurrections in the Bible as well. Satan will be released to deceive the nations. . Thanks Gary for this plain & simple explanation that anyone could understand. The serpent believes exactly what God says which is why in Genesis 4 we have the first murder. these date come up again next year and coupled with this sites knowledge of the signs Jesus spoke of only makes sence to this generation.Next year Wed, 08 April 2020 at sundown (15th of Nisan, 5780) sign of the prophet Jonah iam ready and waiting 40 days later were changed in a moment! I feel excited about our part in this wonderful plan. Not 2 gospels (take note Hillary). Just curious. The answer is we’ve got to find somebody else—Hagar. In other words you have ignored the WE, WE, WE throughout this passage. THE BIG G. Someone asked me once, when we were in a Bible study, do we need to read all the genealogies (with those hard to pronounce names!)? Jesus commands us to be ready but he doesn't even know when he's returning. Then you will know who the 144k really are, & who are the 2 witnesses. And great King David, descendant of Judah, eventually has a greater son who is a greater king who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. God didn’t say “a seed,” He said, “the seed.” Ishmael was a seed but not the seed. 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 says that when Jesus comes we will see him FACE-TO-FACE...and at that time ALL prophesy is done away with. The stone they were concerned about was already rolled away first day of the week Sunday. The serpent believes exactly what God says which is why in Genesis 4 we have the first murder. I wonder why God would drag the bride through the mud right before thier wedding?