radish p n n Top, (n = newly in season; p = peak of season; w = orange, Valencia broccoli w kumquats “Go Texan. asparagus peas, English/shelling winding down) FRUITS spinach broccoli n (n = newly in season; p = peak of season; w = celeriac/celery ro Some just grow them here, and some just in Mexico. watermelon cherimoya eggplant p “We have lots of growing areas,” says Sid Miller, commissioner at the Texas Department of Agriculture, Austin, TX. winding down) kiwi w winding down) beans, fresh shelling apples n That goes until we start shipping Valencias in March.”. p p celeriac/celery root cabbages: FRUITS (n = newly in season; p = peak of season; w = onions, sweet: Texas This year, for example, Texas citrus growers will benefit price-wise because Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc with orchards in Florida. n w squash, summer persimmons: We plant onions from August to January, and harvest from November to June.”. Farm Business and Marketing | Promotion, Outreach, and Special Events. n Just remember, fruits go great with chocolates as well! Brussels sprouts n The lines between produce from Texas and Mexico are blurred because many growers and shippers maintain steady supply by working both sides of the border. VEGETABLES %PDF-1.5 p ?��˷o���y��޼�\GG�Au��c �P@#\n_�ŒΉ[L騭���U>���SBV �NU~AӔ.0B��")G�8)�V�BV5�)��#Ӱ��қ���� ���g!B�����֙5��C䕎R��-A�!Qd��i� �X�eZ����q܄�w��T��l=m,�����o�e���{���D� �v�j~�m�4�YČ����$1���0Y57*ꪌ+��r�C�p��k����L�G�x����V��� wP;���z��^���K{�T��B�{㭡���X���F6�]�8^��Ω�S����[���i�)r|Pl� R� bell tomatoes Anjou n n “Some grow onions here in Texas and also in Mexico. n onions, red berries: figs, Black Mission peas, edible pods Growers in the two wintertime oases ship throughout most of the country during the Texas time of year. pears, Asian celery w salad mix cardoon �@I�aޡ^�Tf�J�ΞY+���.������`��ޖ��v 0fOS��aֲ ��獤 VEGETABLES English/shelling n w Getting a variety of fruits into your diet is great. n n pears, Comice ”Through this participant-based effort, the Texas Department of Agriculture helps market the best Texas has to offer, primarily Texas-grown or Texas-made products.”, The Texas brand name also carries weight with some residents of neighboring states. Some growers have worked to develop a brand they believe still carries weight far beyond Texas. melons How to plant and grow ginger in your weekly u s influenza surveillance fall vegetable gardening for texas planting calendar when to plant texas seasonal produce calendar. Hurricane Harvey, by contrast, looks to have missed by a few miles the major agricultural production areas of Texas. radish p VEGETABLES kohlrabi celeriac/celery root orange, navel Recipes tomato leeks n n avocado, Haas p w almonds w daikon p The Texas Red grapefruit season is October to May, Navels and early oranges are available September through January, and Valencias are in stores February to early April.” The crops farmers in the Lone Star state produce, and the prices retailers pay for them, are largely determined by everything from the markets to the weather somewhere else. w artichoke w peaches Texas Seasonal Produce Calendar . n grapefruit p Texas Seasonal Produce Calendar. currants, red Some of the growers request specific varieties. broccoli lemons peaches spinach n broccoli celery cranberries <>stream Anjou p avocado: carrots summer n p “We have operations in Mexico and Texas. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics, Texas exports $6.5 billion in farm products annually; ranking sixth among the states. w mandarins/tangerines fennel “The Rio Grande Valley is the home of Wonderful Citrus Texas and provides fantastic growing conditions for our red grapefruits and oranges. celery p “Our competition is in Texas, Georgia and Florida.”, California-based Wonderful, however, does promote the origin of citrus it grows in Texas. cranberries oranges: winding down), JUNE: Monthly Produce p winding down) Thompsn seedless peas:English/shelling After submitting this form, you'll get a confirmation email — once you confirm, you'll get a coupon for 10% off anything in the FMC store! Celebrate the Fourth of July with these red, white, and blue desserts that are perfect for a party! Growing seasons for local, organic produce. “The Wonderful citrus varieties coming out of Texas include our Texas Red grapefruit, Navel and early oranges, and Valencias,” says Cooper. n p figs: There was a brief planting gap in this major growing area late this summer that could result in supply challenges retailers should anticipate in late November and early December. p endobj beets “Everything has our label and says it’s from Lone Star Citrus,” says Bishop. p n Zutano avocado: greens: turnip, beet, parsley, Fuerte asparagus Brussels sprouts They are also a great place to get fruits and veggies! plums pistachios kale p “Our branded grapefruits are sold under the Sweet Scarletts brand while the non-branded grapefruits are sold under the Go Texan. potatoes: TEXAS PRODUCE AVAILABILITY CHART. turnips Fuerte Palmer & Sons Produce, Pharr, TX, also grows numerous varieties of onions and ships them around the country in season. A lot of the farmers grow their own transplants, but we probably grow 80 percent of the onion plants for garden centers in the United States,” says Frasier. VEGETABLES white w AUGUST: Monthly Produce green w Haas sunchoke figs winding currants February This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. potatoes turnips raspberries qգ+�I��qi�$�sT�.��Z��8�}��%�/I�S� Ȋ`O=4/]o��ieJ'aj"��f#�v��. kiwi lime, Key carrots p Shop the H-E-B produce department for fresh fruits and vegetables from Texas and around the world.