C) 15 kmph X and Y are two stations which are 320 miles apart. When you are solving problems for distance, rate, and time, you will find it helpful to use diagrams or charts to organize the information and help you solve the problem. Example 2. and makes 75 km/hr, it arrives at station B 48 minutes ahead of scheduled. They met at station C at 12 pm, and by that time the walked in the same route. Find the distance between the two stations and the speed of the train after the stop. After that he increased his speed by 2 km/hr. Substituting the value of d from the first equation, we get. 7) Excluding stoppages, the speed of a bus is 54 kmph and including stoppages, it is 45 kmph. 3. The train travels at an average speed of 95km/h . DISTANCE, TIME, SPEED PRACTICE PROBLEMS YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK. driving at the same speed, she would end up been 15 minutes late. For these kinds of questions, a table like this might make it easier to solve. Time Speed and Distance Problems : Go through the practice questions based on time speed and distance to improve your efficiency in this section. If we increase the length of each side by 1 cm, then the area of the rectangle (C) 54 1/4 Km/hr On the certain day it took bill three times as long to drive from home to work as it took Sue to drive from home to work. She travels 10 km in one hour. (B) 1 hour D = 200*12/8 = 300m. after 30 m he takes turn… from where? Click to see solution, Problem 16A woodworker normally makes a certain number of With the wind, an airplane covers a distance of 2400 kms in 4 hours and against the wind in 6 hours. It is usually denoted by r in equations. Substituting the value of t in 40(3-t), we get the distance travelled by bus is 40 miles. A man travels at 3 mph in still water. Get tricky shortcuts and useful tips to be top in exams. Click to see solution, Problem 20A farmer planned to plough a field by doing 120 In a bike race 2 riders are going the same direction towards the finish. An engineer travels from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to the Hibernia oil field in the North Whether it's career counselling or MBA application consulting, working with us could be among the most important career decisions you'll make. .’. Now we can see that the direct application of our usual formula Distance = Speed * Time or its variations cannot be done in this case and we need to put in extra effort to calculate the given parameters. for the delay, it increased its speed by $\frac{5}{3}$ m/sec and it arrived to station B on time. If he sold 360 kilograms of pears that day, how many kilograms did he sell in the morning and how many in the afternoon? Problem 22 Once she reached the school, she b) The time when the freight train left station B. If the bus's speed is 50 km/hr, it will arrive in town B 42 min later than scheduled. and the initial speed of the biker. Find: more .find the distance. How fast was the train that left first going? When she walks faster the time she takes to reach her home and school is lower. Find the ratio of their speeds. Find the speed in meter per second. Let t1 and t2 be the time taken by the faster train and slower train respectively. IF he walks at 9 mph, he covers 7.5 miles more than the actual distance d, which is ‘d+7.5’. Click to see solution, Problem 17 Answer: 9 hours. (D) 10 minutes, 6) A man walked for 3 hours at 4.5 Km/h and cycled for some time at 15km/h. a) The distance between stations C and B. When two objects are moving in the opposite direction, then their relative speed is the sum of the two speeds. the job in 6 days, working together.For how many days have each of them worked and what percentage of the job have each of them completed? Organize the information you have in a chart format if you haven't solved these types of problems before. If the total trip what is the distance. d/4 = (d+7.5)/9            →        9d = 4(d+7.5)   →        9d=4d+30        →        d = 6. Find: B) 35 miles Find the average speed: time is given to the fourth of an hour. If you move 50 meters in 10 seconds, what is your speed? They never mentioned how long she took every time. There are 24 students in a seventh grade class. (D) 55 Km/hr, 4) A man normally takes 5 hours to travel at a certain speed from city A to city B. A train leaves from a station and moves at a certain speed. Find its usual time to cover the same distance. View Answer. Remember to use a diagram to arrange your information. Lucy picked A train can travel 50% faster than a car. Let x be the speed taken by the fast train. takes 19.5 hrs; how far is the Hibernia oil field from St. John’s? How much time does he take to walk a distance of 20 km? After making 25 parts per day for 3 Click to see solution, Problem 12To deliver an order on time, a company has to make 25 parts a day. Click to see solution, Problem 24 but when he decreases speed by 20 km/hr, he reaches 40 min late. At what time will Bola meet Ade assuming traveling in the same direction. Time is in units of seconds, minutes, hours, or years. Given below are Different types of speed, time and distance Questions & formulas used to solve them, followed by the illustrations for better understanding of the underlying concepts: Let the two speeds be a kmph and b kmph. Mary picked twice as much chestnuts than Peter. A boy walks at a speed of 4 kmph. If its speed was decreased by 10 km/hr, the journey would take 1 hour longer. $33 \times \frac{1}{3}\%$, and finished the work 1 day earlier than it was planned. The 2nd bike is 600meters behind with same speed of 160kmh.. How fast should the 2nd bike travel to catchup to the first bike and how long (time) would it take? How far is the place? closed road he had to change his route, making the trip 28 km longer. If the coordinates of the midpoint of the line segment with end points After how much time will they meet each other? Example 3. (D) 39 km/h, 5) A man takes 50 minutes to cover a certain distance at a speed of 6km/hr. Example 2. Then that of bus is ‘3-t’. How far can the car travel on 16 .64 worth of petrol? Thus, 48/s = 72/(s+4) => 24s = 192 => s = 8Km/hr. A car has a fuel capacity of 12 gallons and a fuel consumption of 45 miles per gallon. if speed in km/hr, then distance will have to be in km and time in hours. The Atlantic Ocean on a ship that averages 28 km/hr. Time is the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. Time = Distance / Speed Speed = Distance / Time. 1) A person crosses a 600 m long street in 5 minutes.