After that i went online to do some research and i found out that my Seal Pup is different from the picture on the SOG website. Last edited: Apr 25, 2010. For a sheath, the Seal Pup knife can either use the usual nylon sheath or an optional Kydex one. ... (E37S SEAL Pup Elite - Straight (Black TiNi Blade)), and I'm pretty sure I've seen them. I also bought a $20 kydex sheath that is available for it and it fits great on my backpack. and weighs about twice as much. So if you are looking for a good product in this category, this article could be of use to you. Prices are subject to change without notice; ... SEAL Pup Elite Black, Serrated - Hard Nylon Sheath. Related Products. The SEAL 2000 then become the basis of the Seal Pup and the Seal Pup Elite. ). In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. I just can't stand SOG. You're gonna pay for the Bark River (probably $100 more than any SOG you're looking at) but in return you're going to get workmanship well above all the other names mentioned; better steel with a phenomenal heat treat versus the hit and miss of Kabar's for example; and classic beauty unmatched by any of these other guys named so far. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. It's identical in every aspect to the TiNi-coated Seal Pup Elite that I have, except for his has a powder coat. My theory is that the SEAL Pups made in Taiwan look like the Elites, most likely because they are made in the same place with the same machinery setup(guessing here). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. As a result, the Seal Pup Elite is more suitable for heavy-duty tasks and long – hour works. I consider the current Seal Pup and Elite to be excellent knives in that price category. But if you only need a knife for the general usages, the Seal Pup would be sufficient in most case. For only $50 more you can get such a better knife than anything SOG can offer. Seal Pup vs. Seal Team as a survival knife, and Elite versions vs. non-elite versions To my knowledge the main differences are that the Seal Team is quite a bit longer and has a few difference in the handle (including a more full tang?) Taiwan is not China. Welcome to the SOG subforum. Your wife made a great choice. This really increases the knife versatility in outdoor environments. With a thump ramp and grooves for other fingers, you will have a solid and stable grip all the times. The SOG Seal Pup Elite can be said to be the most popular knife of all the SOG fixed blades made in Taiwan and has been a hit since its debut in 2005. When you want something that got a bit of strength, fixed blade knife will not disappoint you. non-serrated blades and different … SEE IT IN ACTION. 7.62x54mmR Vs .30-06 Springfield: The Best Round For Recreational Shooting. Their reproduction and development of the original Vietnam War – era SOG knifes have become quite popular around. That's very helpful...I'll look into the carbon steel to see if that's something I'd like instead - it would be nice to have the more durable edge. Your email address will not be published. They aren’t Chinese junk by a long shot. SOG reserves the right to cancel any engraving requests after they have been submitted. Each of the knifes is unique with own pros and cons. I can see how it'd definitely be easier to fall for some of the more expensive knives, though I need to really think about my budget before doing that! One of the company famous products is the Seal 2000 which is employed by the United States SEAL force. SOG’s fusion line and lowest priced products are made in China. Both the Seal2000 and Seal Pup are on display at the US Navy SEALS Museum.