Every marketer wants to hit the mark and to be able to prove it. The Smart Sorting feature also automatically displaying readers’ most recent and frequently used social media channels first. You can also use analytics tools to identify areas where your competition is outranking you in search engine rankings. You’ll have insight into locations and other demographics of your followers, be able to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and can help increase brand awareness. The key is to find tools that support your marketing efforts, and invest the time in getting to know them. Once you’ve created content that you’re ready to share, it’s important to publish it on a regular basis to your followers. Canva and other display ad design software can help you create visual content with templates and other customization options to share on your social platform of choice. And, if you’ve got some cash to splash, Buzzsumo Pro is a powerhouse for competitor research. With Facebook messenger marketing, engagement rates can get upto 80% open rates in the first hours of a campaign. And I could not agree more. Here’s what Marilyn Heywood Page, VP of Marketing at Inciting Marketing had to say about the product: “The back-and-forth process, when talking about a dozen different clients drove us insane. You can plan all your posts in advance, and track consistency with their calendar view. Buffer started off as a scheduling tool for Twitter. Rebrandly is the most advanced link shortener for creating branded links and custom short URLs. No matter what field you’re in, grammatically correct writing is important, and that’s especially true for social media. Grammarly is the go-to tool for quality control when it comes to writing your posts or ads. This tool, although not directly related to social media, can help increase the shareability of your content by your followers. Take a look at the search queries you can choose from below. Whatever you’re doing with your life, social media hashtags is the last thing you want to be spending your time doing. With an automated auto-refill queue, you won’t run out of regular posts. This means you can focus on writing long-form blog posts while someone else takes care of the creative side of social promotion and the scheduling of posts, so there’ll be one less thing on your to-do list. For Facebook users, Facebook Audience Insights is a must if you want to understand your clients and community better, and create irresistible social media marketing campaigns. Traffic? To deliver on your strategic vision you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends, practices, and tools. Posting on social media and creating ads is one of the most time-consuming things in the beginning stages of running a social media marketing agency. If you’re a heavy Twitter user, FollowerWonk can give you an in-depth look into your analytics. 7 Social Media Marketing Tools For Your SMM Strategy: In order to maximize the potential of your channels in the, Your social media presence should follow your. The tools are completely customizable so you can select the type and match the colors to your branding. Grammarly conveniently offers a mobile app, a desktop app, a browser app and a Chrome extension! You’ll never have to worry about making a spelling mistake, you just have to open up Grammarly and write it there. You can use it to find interesting new posts to share or to search for content ideas based on what’s performing well. I can safely say this tool is great for anyone looking to add a competitive edge to their marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Rebrandly: This is how the insights of your branded link will look like within Rebrandly and some examples of things you can do with the tool. Access complex analytics to track your content’s performance. Don’t be afraid to add new tools to your kit, but don’t discard the old ones just because something fresh and shiny has turned up. A tool that allows real-time analysis of Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads, AdEspresso takes the guesswork out of how your ads are resonating with your audiences in accordance with your campaign name and targeting details. If you want to do well and leave your competitors in the dust, you need to understand what they’re doing and if what you’re doing is working or not. There are a lot of great tools out there, with new ones popping up all the time. It also features a category-based scheduling tool allowing you to mix different content types so your audience never gets bored. We all do it, it’s human, but they can end up having some pretty dire consequences. These scheduling tools give you a comprehensive view of the content you’re sharing. In her spare time, Anastasia enjoys eating her way through Chicago’s different neighborhoods, planning her next trip, and binging a new show on Netflix. You systematically test different images, headlines, ad copy, and so on, until you find the perfect combination. But the old adage “you get what you pay for” really rings true here. And rather than manually syncing your Lead Ads into your CRM or email marketing, you can keep your leads, contacts, and audiences synched with your Facebook Ad Account. Use the chrome extension to add articles and content from the web to your Buffer queue or share content on the go. It offers two pricing plans – monthly or yearly. You don’t need a big in-house design team or to outsource to an agency, you can use a content creation tool! Zapier is another tool that encourages automation and does share some similarities with IFTTT. It’s that simple! With ShareThis, you can install share buttons from 40 of the most widely used social channels, including the usual suspects like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp, along with popular channels like Pocket, Evernote, Instapaper, HackerNews, and many more. As with most software, the most cost-effective route is to pay annually – this equates to a total of 39% discount compared with the monthly payment plan. Research is a crucial part of marketing. So you need a content manager but you’re already a one-person-band responsible for evergreen content creation, tech support, and design? The point of creating content is for people to see it! You can become a super-efficient social media manager with plenty of time to catch up on the important stuff. I haven’t tried and tested them all, but I’ve tried and tested a lot. There’s no magical social media recipe, sadly. Although it may seem simple, a URL shortener is needed when promoting content from your website on your social media accounts. It’s impossible to guarantee success, but a tool like Buzzsumo can help you increase the odds. Check out a full guide to scheduling Instagram posts here! That’s where AdEspresso, the master of the A/B test, comes in. Flick is hands down the best hashtag generator app around, and it’s available on both mobile and desktop. This app is particularly effective for getting users to use the Swipe Up feature on stories. Often, the original links can be impossible to remember and tricky to share, while short URLs look better and are easier to remember. Generate more business by having a professional landing page for your marketing campaign. The best part? Unsubscribe at any time. Using this app is so much faster than loading up Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro. This feature may be built into one of the tools you’re already using. Simplifying the communication within your own agency is a surefire way to become a more efficient and cost-effective agency, and to grow. Focus on what matters. Learn how professional marketers are using Facebook video in our always up-to-date handbook.