What is their rightful place in God's design. Marriage is full of opportunities for joy and pain. God created humans to experience emotions, yet there are still godly and ungodly ways to manage them. Is it possible to respond in sensitive ways that actually make a difference? Sometimes, emotions really get in the way. Some emotions seem deeply spiritual; other emotions seem downright sinful. Only alphanumeric characters, spaces and . While we most often remember Daniel as the Bible character in the lions' den, there was a lot more to his life! Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel. But what is God's perspective and how does that influence ours. The options below offer a small group community a variety of study options that will help participants grow as disciples. This eight-session study on 1 John spells out exactly what a deep life with Christ looks like and why really knowing Christ is the most important piece. Find out what it looks like to live as one of God's adopted children. Study the infinite character of God and see if your understanding of Him matches what He says about Himself. We all have our opinions. Learn from this letter to the Philippians that when we focus on Christ and doing His will, joy and peace will flood our lives. This 7-session study on 1 Corinthians will teaches on why believers go to church, how to use our bodies to honor God, how to find unity in diversity, how to love, serve, and worship together, and how to face death. What they are created to do. Decades after the Civil Rights Movement, America is still dealing with racism. Ever get stuck in a rut? John Small Group Study by ... 3 Responses to 60,000 PDF Bible Class & Small Group Downloads! Come to understand that when we place ourselves in God's loving embrace, we can experience shelter in the midst of any downpour. Walk through Daniel's life and respond to the call to trust and obey God. In a time when so many people struggle with identity, Ephesians is the perfect book of the Bible to study. When Paul wrote to the Corinthians, he knew they needed to be instructed in the basics: loving one another, honoring God, worship, and more. Learn how God's word in the psalms deeply affects our emotions. The Book of 1 Samuel is full of colorful characters, such as Hannah, Samuel, Saul, and David. This text must match the text in "Line 2 Text". Seeking God together provides love and support to build a healthy marriage. Learning to love well and glorify God through the marriage relationship is a challenge worth taking on each day. 60,000 PDF Bible Class & Small Group Downloads! Learning objectives include: how to trust God when life doesn't go according to plan; how to trust God with the future; what priorities Christians should have in life; practical steps for maintaining relationships; and how to glorify God in every circumstance. Sincere Christians universally want to "go deeper" in faith and knowledge of the Scripture. Your trusted source of Christian resources since 1891, Bible Studies for Life Small Group Studies. Each week’s Bible study lessons are “open and go” for those who, for whatever reason, don’t have the time or energy to prepare. 10. Include punctuation, capital letters and spaces. Discover what a resilient faith looks like and how you can stand strong, regardless of what comes at you. Each curriculum gives you resources to lead a group study, but is also perfect for your own personal time. Learn from the lives of six biblical men who demonstrated integrity. Personalization is $6.99 per item. Experiencing Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness, Spiritual Growth & Small Group Bible Studies. Select an option and chat directly with a member of our support team. This text must match the text in "Line 1 Text". Sunday School friendly! This 13-session study includes: Galatians: The Essence of Being a Christian, Ephesians: You Are God's Masterpiece, and Philippians: Finding Joy. What they are like. Recognizing the centuries-old mistreatment of minority groups, how should Christians respond to racism?