The new Sky Hub is vertically aligned, with buttons secreted around the back. Input the SKY account and account holder’s last name. Set the Wireless IP Assignment manually or automatically. Hardware installation was fast however our problem came during activation. The so called  “extras” provided for thé £5 a month amount to nothing more than what should be provided as a basic service, thus implying that you need to pay more just to receive the absolute minimum. CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 certified to work with Cable Internet Provides like Comcast XFINITY® from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Cablevision & more. These include: Unlike the Sky Broadband Hub, the Sky Q Hub is horizontally aligned. Users of the new Sky Broadband Hub will also be able to check their own internet speeds and connected devices online or through the My Sky app. The unit is a Cisco DPC2320. We’ll update this review once we get the rest of the Sky Q system up-and-running with the router. It’s a small thing but such attention to detail should be applauded. I will be trying another provider when my current deal ends which is soon thankfully. And gives you the option to sign up for the Sky Broadband Buddy app and Sky's WiFi Guarantee. The new Sky Q Hub retains one of the old device’s best features, the built-in power supply. Both also have excellent security, with the option to restrict access to the network at certain times of day. With my bad track record with commercial routers (where they usually die after a year or so of operation); I decided to avail of Sky Broadband’s own cable modem + wireless router combo.. Sky Broadband Hub vs Sky Q Hub: what’s the difference? Only one (1) SKY On Demand account is allowed per household. Or if you’re Sky Hub is white, choose the right set up guide for your broadband package: If you do have Internet Calls, it’s this setup guide if: Your master socket has G.Fast logo on it: You have a standard or prefiltered master socket: You have an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) instead of a master socket. Shop Online, Earn Cashback! DISGRACE THE WAY THEY TREAT LOYAL CUSTOMERS. With my bad track record with commercial routers (where they usually die after a year or so of operation); I decided to avail of Sky Broadband’s own cable modem + wireless router combo. You're up to date FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Go to Settings > System > Ethernet. Choose from two options: Sign Up With Email or Sign Up With Facebook. But if you are in the market for a new router for your Sky broadband, we’d suggest you opt for the newer Sky Broadband Hub instead. This modem is supplied and used by Asianet Broadband, an Indian ISP who uses their existing coaxial cable network to provide broadband internet access. We’re still awaiting the full spec sheet for Sky’s new router but in the meantime we have confirmed a few other details. “Engineers can effectively ‘heat map’ WiFi around the home and look for unique problems, such as spotting a device which is using up a lot of bandwidth in the home,” said the ISP. The latter is also better equipped to handle lots of devices. Stratos is a leading IoT solution enables service operators to operate smart home as a service. You may connect the LAN cable from the modem to the ETHERNET port of the digibox. The setup of your Sky Broadband Hub differs depending on if you have Internet Calls with your broadband and the type of socket you have. Failing that Sky said they will send out one of their Tech Team engineers to help identify and resolve the problem for you. This different to Virgin Media’s hub 3.0 which has two RJ11 ports (although only one is active and the other could be activated later for a second line) and VM supplies a non-ring capacitor RJ11 to BT adapter for connection to a standard handset.