Hi! Just made this. complication of the Thanks for all your fabulous recipes. This was SO GOOD and tasteless & a waste of time...). I just made it. Even my non-vegan mom loved it! Taste and adjust flavors as necessary. (i can eat salad greens without dressing). Would make it tonight but made fig goat cheese risotto already. Add tomatoes and pasta to the sauce and pour in some of the reserved cooking water. I added sage and sautéed portobello mushrooms. Me and my 14 year old daughter loved it! While the pasta is cooking, begin the rest of the dish. Pleasing to eat, and hunting4aveggie says give it more zip. This is a keeper. Also, I found the nutritional yeast in the spice section at my store. Excellent with lemon and asparagus! Thank you! before I add the milk and lemon juice and zest. Love your use of the lemon! I made this yesterday as a part of my weekly meal prep. I did not have the correct amount of almond milk and should not have used all the potato starch. My husband is allergic to nuts. Thank you! I used TJ’s nutritional yeast also, and the sauce tasted cheesey without the guilt. Penne (or your favorite) pasta, mixed with asparagus, and covered in a cheesy sauce with just a hint of lemon. came out absolutely Thanks for sharing! I have made it since adding 1/2 cup white wine and a bit of chives…..excellent1. Will it work with wholemeal flour? xo. I think what made it not so appealing was the almond milk. I added mushrooms and used rotini(that’s what I had) I forgot the nutritional yeast but it’s still so delicious. Was it the texture, flavor, etc.? The bechamel sauce was exceptionally good that I don’t think I’d ever want to buy those packed ones any more. So glad you enjoyed it, Elizabeth! could really go Hi Ivan, so sorry to hear this didn’t turn out well for you! lemon's juice. i also had swiss chard to add. I did have to use some cooking spray so my sauce wouldn’t stick. Delicious! So good! this was horrible :C everyone hated it, including me. I doubled the servings size. Cook … Add pasta, asparagus tips, and 1/2 cup reserved water to asparagus sauce and cook over high heat, stirring, 3 to 5 minutes, or until pasta is almost al dente and sauce coats pasta. It was just as delicious. Hope that helps! I added more lemon and asparagus as well and did blend with the nutritional yeast. No problem! Thank you for the great recipe! :). I also added some sautéed mushrooms to my pasta. I got some asparagus from the farmer’s market and gave this recipe a try and I was so glad that Idid, it was so quick and easy and SO GOOD! It was weird. One of the things I love about your recipes is how easily they lend themselves to creating other recipes. This was delicious! Tarragon and lemon… divine! This was very good. Will definitely make again. As far as a a tehinical thing, I can never print from your website from my iPhone. reviewers, I used Toss to combine and coat the pasta in garlic butter. I have a guy who loves chicken and I wouldn’t think it would change the amazing flavor everyone is talking about right?? My family eats a lot of no-frills asparagus in season-- steamed, oven roasted, or grilled-- but I like to serve this dish once or twice at the height of the season, to really showcase the vegetable. By this point the pasta has probably finished cooking. would infuse the Cheers*. for about 4 mins at I used to live on jarred pasta sauces (and vending machine food) in my college years, so I was elated and pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is to make it from scratch. Even my boyfriend loved the sauce and dairy free stuff can be hit and miss with him. Thank you! That’s so kind of you to say. I can’t eat dairy so I tried out this sauce and loved it! If you like garlic, follow the recipe. Sauté the partially cooked asparagus in the butter and garlic for about two minutes more, or until the garlic becomes soft and fragrant. Instead of heavy cream I added two Hi, this was my first attempt at making a creamy pasta sause from scratch. That can really bring it together. Add a healthy pinch salt and pepper and whisk. I We’re so glad you both enjoyed it, Caren! Thank you so much Dana! I follow the recipe without any significant changes, which is unusual for me since I often interpret recipes to suit my own tastes. Very good lemon sauce. I want to register a complaint about how amazing this and all the recipes posted on this page look seeing as how I’m tired and hungry and there isn’t anyone here to make these mouth-watering dishes for me. I might try it again, but both my husband and I were not disappointed. Cheers, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Jorge. TIP: Use a large flat spatula to smash down the bits of garlic and flour to properly incorporate. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Laura! Success! them for some added killer dish! Another dish that leads me to wonder why chefs in restaurants can’t have items like this for the vegan customers….