Educational Then, we gave each a child a SNACK size Zip-loc bag. Use the scissors to curl each of the cuts... Have the kids write “God provides a way of escape for His people” on the brown piece that shows through. God Parts the Red Sea. Super easy, even for those who are not so gifted in the crafts department. Moses Parts the Red Sea Craft. Contact Us  â€¢   The number of credit hours she took this sprin, Janna is following in her big sister’s footsteps, Sometime after Christmas, I talked with my parents, The past couple of weeks have been filled with out, My sweet Janna is 9 years old today. (I used this with a 2 year Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The first thing we did was to fold a blue piece of construction paper like shown in this post. Today seemed sur, This morning I told four of my kids we were going, 21. Miscellaneous This especially was great after the big hit it was during class. They can walk through it just like To help us review the Red Sea lesson, we did the following centers. Then we let them spread…. Have you ever seen a miracle? are just the right size that the cut "waves" brushed their faces.). Cards kids crafts manna and quail | manna from heaven coloring page, Moses Parts the Red Sea Sunday School Craft. I am not sure. old and found that I should not have cut the waves in because they What is your favorite miracle from the Bible? Child growth and development, information, free printables. to cut it in half. Terms of Service  â€¢    Of all the crafts we've made over the years, we have definitely made a lot of birds! Paint the sides blue and on the bottom spray glue and sprinkle sand all over the bottom so that it was "dry ground". This is a kids size Red Sea! headpiece and brown craft paper to be used for a staff. Paint the sides blue and on the bottom spray glue and sprinkle All of the Israelites are able to cross the sea, but then the Egyptians are all swallowed up by the sea when it closes back up. To keep it together  put ribbon, twine, anything so that you can As my eyes popped open this morning at 5:30 a.m.. Today, I will share with you a printable paper craft for Passover. Craft: Red Sea Craft Have the kids cut the blue sheet in half and make 3-inch cuts down each edge. heads and use brown craft paper and roll it so that each child has a Cut off one side of the box, then using a utility knife cut You can also have some of the children look up the word miracle in a regular dictionary and in a Bible dictionary. What is a miracle? These images will open up as a larger image. Be sure to tape the bag shut! Example: "Split the Paint" - 3-5s - week 2 You don't want too much paint in the bag or it won't split. sand all over the bottom so that it was "dry ground". Then save these images to your computer and then print them. Holidays Color the pieces (as appropriate) and cut them out. Discuss miracles with the children. Use rectangles of cloth for the children and tie it on their Click Below on Each of the template images. Instructions: Cut off one side of the box, then using a utility knife cut "waves" along the top of the two sides. "waves" along the top of the two sides. box in the right position.). I always prefer the black and white version. Copyright © 1998-2020 DLTK's Sites - All Rights Reserved. Moses Ocean Craft - cute idea for waves and ocean life craft, doesn't have to be religious, Moses parting the sea activity Blue jello with Swedish fish, Its been a while since I have posted and not for lack of couponing or creating its just been run run run and yesterday my Caleb had his tonsils out he did well with the surgery .. oh and he had his adenoids removed for the 2nd time and his 3rd set of tubes, lets just say we are very very good customers of our ENT between the three kids and all their ears, nose and throat issues. Moses Parting the Red Sea Card This lovely craft - which could be given as a card or placed out on display, shows the Exodus account of Moses parting the Red Sea with his staff to create passage for the Israelites to leave Egypt.