Global Peace Index: Czech Republic is the 7th most peaceful country; The Czech Republic has held its place as one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world, ranking seventh on a list of countries with the highest levels of peace. In short, it is beyond safe to visit, and once you arrive, you’ll soon understand why there’s something so mesmerizing about Malaysia. By subscribing I agree to the terms So, here we have the list of top 10 safest countries in the world 2020, which are perfect places to visit or to live and where you can enjoy the nature fully without any fear. Unlike Iceland and New Zealand, Portugal has armed police; however, it seems that an increased police presence has resulted in a decreased crime rate in the country. Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World 2020, Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World 2020 – New World…, Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2020, Top 10 Most Expensive Models In The World 2020, Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World 2020, Top 10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World 2020. If that’s a bit too strenuous, consider a boat trip out on Lake Ashi or Lake Shojiko, providing beautiful views of the mountain and the surrounding area from atop the water. Austria has beautiful alps, rich culture and business friendly people. Portugal has once again been placed among the top nations. : 201815023K. Visit historic Bastogne, relaxing Spa, scenic Namur and the castles of Bouillon too. However, visiting this city can be dangerous for some visitors, meaning that you definitely need to exercise caution. Not only that, but the Finnish term, “Jokamiehen Oikeudet,” which means “Everyman’s Right,” gives you the freedom to walk freely in nature, wherever you want. This was the fourth consecutive year to see a deterioration in the level of world peace. In urban centres like Tokyo, the ease of modern transportation and the helpfulness of young locals who speak English are the ultimate bonus. If you choose to visit Bangladesh or Dhaka, be mindful of your surroundings. Cambodia might have a devastating, dark past however that is by no means a reflection on its peace rankings. Free Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere, even at many historical sites, this will give you some peace of mind and ease navigating around by yourself! Manila is among the most popular cities in the Philippines among visitors. Portugal comes in third in the rankings of the most peaceful countries. Austria is not involved in any external as well as internal conflicts. The twelfth edition of the Global Peace Index has this year ranked 163 independent states and territories according to their level of peacefulness. I don’t think it’s safe in Hong Kong. It borders Norway to the west and north and Finland to the east, and is connected to Denmark in the southwest by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund, a strait at the Swedish-Danish border. Related: 10 Of The Most Beautiful Train Journeys In Asia Finland is a land with thousands of forests and thousands of lakes too — in fact, the country has the most water in relation to land mass of all others in the entire world. The war would be Sweden’s last. Denmark was noted as the second-most peaceful country, and it’s also frequently found on lists of the happiest nations as well. Dangers can lurk in any city, park or town and being a safe vacationer means paying attention and keeping yourself out of harms way. As for experiences, if you’re looking for the ultimate adventure, consider travelling along the Trans-Mongolian railway where you’re bound to create memories to last a lifetime. Global Peace Index 2020 reveal who are most peaceful countries in the world. Safest countries in Asia and Oceania are based on crime/homicide rates and drugs and crime, likelihood of terrorism and terrorism casualties, police force effectiveness, costs of security within the country on business, reliability of protection services, rates of property crime and violence. Moderators:Moderators, Administrator. The safest countries in Asia and Oceania for tourism and travel. It is followed by Bangladesh (102) and Philippines (107). With an overall global ranking of 46 among the world’s most peaceful countries, you won’t need to worry about petty crime and tourist scams here. As for the culinary scene, Taiwan is filled with dishes for you to indulge in, including xiao long bao (soup dumplings), gua bao (a steamed pork bun) or shaobing (flatbread). Share. Due to its safe and secure environment, people living in New Zeeland are free to enjoy everything New Zealand has to offer. The safety scores of the USA & Canada are: Canada 9.3 The crown jewels are kept here, as are the relics of Bohemian kings, precious Christian relics, art treasures and historical documents. This country is ranked the third-most peaceful, due in part to minimal violence and political conflict within it, as well as its equitable distribution of income that may help keep it that way. Canada is a vast country, with incredible natural beauty from soaring mountains and glaciers to secluded lakes and breathtaking coastlines that’s almost unparalleled worldwide. While climate hazards continue to pose an ongoing threat, the country itself remains one of the safest in Asia. Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps, the Swiss Plateau and the Jura. Even though there are a lot of good things to do in Ulaanbaatar, visitors should be aware of their surroundings. With a low-inflation environment and a monetary policy managed by the Reserve Bank who is responsible for maintaining price stability. Hannibal Is Missouri's Most Visited Destination, But It's Also The Most Haunted Town In The US, 20 Sketchy Things Uber Drivers Do (The App Lets Them Get Away With), Le Chateau Frontenac Has A Pool, And Here's How Else You Can Keep The Kids Entertained, These Appetizers Are Popular In India And Should Be In Your Kitchen, Too, Planing To Walk The Camino De Santiago? However, Asia is like any other region in the world, and there are definitely some things that visitors should watch out for when visiting. Last year, world peace as measured by the GPI deteriorated a further 0.27 percent. We'll send you our newsletter with travel destinations, deals, and more! The dangers that most visitors might experience typically involve being pickpocketed or having their items stolen. Mongolia is one of the unexpected surprises on this list as many travellers tend to overlook this remote and untouched destination. Icelanders can sleep well at night: they live in the most peaceful country in the world. See Also: 75 Phrases to Know When Travelling in Southeast Asia. Go underwater to explore the Great Barrier Reef, internationally renowned for its world-class diving and abundance of marine life. So without further delay here are the, The top position for the safest country according to the Global Peace Index goes to, All the while, Singapore still maintains its green spaces which will delight all types of travellers. In Vietnam, not only will you be well and truly impressed by the many local experiences, you may never want to leave. If you’re a fan of green scenery, there’s that too. How to Spend Two Weeks Travelling in Europe, 75 Phrases to Know When Travelling in Southeast Asia, Read more by Julie Faye Germansky →, Dress Codes in Asia: From Myanmar to Thailand and Beyond, Find Your Balance in Thailand: 5 Big City and Small Town Pairings, Beginner’s Guide to Ayurvedic Cooking Principles, 3 Underrated Places for Foodies in 2020: Turkey, Georgia & Azerbaijan. KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 — Malaysia is ranked the 16th most peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2019. In addition to the growing expat community that is present in South Korea, it’s been vetted as a top destination by countries around the world after they hosted the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. We’ve updated our list b, ased on the most recent Global Peace Index, which provides us a clear projection of where to travel in 2020 where safety is concerned.