So I'd recommend your second version, and you can avoid repeating "learned" by using something like "acquired" or "picked up" for the "... skills" phrase. Most importantly, what you mustn't do is drop your standards just because you are getting desperate. "Most importantly" can be used in written English or in slightly formal … And that’s your Quick and Dirty Tip. and most importantly in a sentence - Use "and most importantly" in a sentence 1. “Most importantly” is an adverbial phrase, used to modify a verb. Using the full phrase what’s more importantly in a sentence illustrates the error well. It is also, most importantly, user-friendly. Manual wheelchair propulsion provides a modicum of exercise and, 92. In addition, making sure that payables are taken care of and, 110. Does that mean that we should toss subject/verb agreement out the window? Happy New Year to you! Importantly means in an important way, just as slowly means in a slow way. It’s like saying What’s most clearly to us is that she’s trying her best; I’m sure it’s clear to everyone that the latter sentence is grammatically flawed, yet we give a pass to using importantly in the same way. I was just saying that if I felt under pressure to expunge one, which one it would be. 3. Importantly means in an important way, just as slowly means in a slow way. Examples of importantly in a sentence, how to use it. You can start a sentence with either “more important” or “more importantly.” Both are … Most importantly, the sexiest thing that ANYONE can have is confidence: so the best thing you can do boy-wise is to be good to yourself and to LIKE yourself. Now if you substitute the "correct" phrasing, "worth", the sentence works: "A picture is worth a thousand words, and most importantly, it says them in a fraction of a second." “Important, the neighbors didn’t call the police” doesn’t work, but “Importantly, the neighbors didn’t call the police” does work. And most importantly, the NRA and the anti-government militias should be heard. Well, I can think of one reason: it’s wrong. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! You have to use “more” or “most” when you use “important” at the beginning of a sentence like that, but you can use “importantly” alone. Most importantly, you must keep a record of everything you do. Moving not only to after learned would also work. But, 100. But, more importantly, boneheaded statements tend to beget more boneheaded statements. Asserting that a particular usage is correct because famous writers or high-level editors use it defies logic; none of us knows everything. Most importantly, the Net is not about computers or the fancy phone lines that string them together. Find more similar words at! I’ve seen reputable writers use reason why. Most importantly, secondment is a vital resource for relevant and interesting teaching. I beautiful woman, sweet, faithful good and wise, relation of establish, 106. But the first item in a list is often special. I do too, though I didn't admit it. Probably most importantly, you’re healthy for the first time this year. Sherry’s Grammar List and Paul’s book–Literally, the Best Language Book Ever. 2. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: adv. Jim Rome radio show, March 5, 2008. 5. 1. It's not common to use it for an idea in the middle of the list. The stories they tell are inspiring, sometimes astounding, and most importantly, true. The answer to each question is, of course, no. I personally would use the three commas, even if it does seem like overkill. 4. What’s most importantly is that we try our best; this sentence doesn’t make sense. 0 More importantly , there can be a big difference, both physically and emotionally from 13 to 15, so not everything appropriate for 15 year olds is appropriate for 13 year olds. First and most importantly, (sentence) People use words like "first", "second", "third", "last", and "finally" in presentations to talk about items in a list, or steps in a process: First, it's extremely easy to use. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Second, it's 30% less expensive than the leading competitor. Does that mean that it’s not a redundancy? Doing things and experimenting allows you to question the status quo, discover new things, new methods but, 104. I’ve seen editors print sentences such as These kind of ideas…. Most importantly, the cars may look old, but purring under the bonnet are state-of-the-art Ford engines. Hi custner, your use of commas around "but more importantly" is right, but more importantly, your first sentence sounds a little clumsy because it reads like "play football..... play valuable skills.". 95. (Of course, it should be What’s most important is that….) Has Your Curiosity Been Peaked---or Piqued? 2. I can earn money at the same time when I translate the English information.