It is built around an open square courtyard which allows natural light to travel through. Click the download button to download a zipped file containing the .dwg file. Since Ibn Tulun Mosque has much open space, it boasts both sunlight and shadows. Fikri quoted Al-Maqrizi himself, in the same source, reporting another different story about the circumstances of the construction of the Mosque. On the centre of the Qibla wall, there is the main Mihrab which is a niche of pointed arch flanked on both sides by two attached columns. Western sources, quoting Al-Maqrizi, claim that the architect of the mosque was an Egyptian Christian who proposed to employ piers as a substitute for the large number of columns necessary to support the roof span of this mosque’s magnitude3. Thirdly is the spiral shape of the minaret and its location outside the perimeter of the mosque. Unable to display map at this time. 0000064598 00000 n Use the advanced tools below to narrow the parameters of your search. Ibn Tulun Mosque is the oldest, best-preserved mosque in Egypt1. 0000066426 00000 n Four mihrabs made of plaster were added to the mosque. Plan Your Trip Plan Your Trip Language Weather Documentation Ibn Tulun mosque is able to manifest the beautiful essence of the Islamic culture in the most majestic manner. H‰¤TËr1¼ë+æ�¤ÑJGŒ¼y˜²y:'’J§ˆşı´X~œR©­’T³3ÓÛ=­İK8d¥­qÉsˆJ!°æH¿�ÕÈAD�#{©o˜÷tkvf. The Foundation Slate resides on the right-hand central pier of the 3rd arcade from the sahn; it includes the Foundation Inscription, a rectangular slab of marble ( 1,6 m X 97 cm) written in Kufic inscription containing The Verse of El Kursi (Ayat Al Kursi) from the Koran, that dates back to 265 A.H. It is the only remaining monument in the City of Qata'i', established in AH 256 / AD 870 as the capital of the Tulunid state in Egypt. Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, or Mosque of al-Maydan. This Website is owned by FSTC Ltd and managed by the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation, UK (FSTCUK), a British charity number 1158509. Both the walls of the mosque and the ziyada are crowned with crenulations, similar to those childhood paper cut-outs depicting human figures with linked arms. Its stucco molding and the 2 stucco bosses on each side of the arch are original. The Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque is roughly square in shape, measureing 162 m. in length and 161 m. in width. The systematic use of pointed arch clearly appears. 0000013435 00000 n It has a Mameluk design and rests on 4 pointed arches, and the zone of transition has stepped corners, including a window in the uppermost step, plus 3 windows of 3 lights on each side. trailer <]/Prev 809866>> startxref 0 %%EOF 188 0 obj <>stream 0000007212 00000 n Legend tells us that the boards used for this inscription are taken from Noah's Ark. These piers were decorated at the corners with built in columns made of brick and plaster. 0000137144 00000 n 0000067108 00000 n 8PÜœ!ŠÑ—A›!–�ƒÁDx £Œ­Ğ†`«.`4±¥ÃıåÙ™Ë4A2Ö½Œf@™xÆy&iŒ"&Œ¢`–8ƒ1H^ P2lNœ@!ˆ½êf�Çã'F#Æ2†÷šÁ³˜0•3\-ÙÆPÄø˜�…±�á1ƒ­¢.ƒ>ƒ*(bà‰¸Š7 ^` ‰‚¥ endstream endobj 116 0 obj <>>> endobj 117 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 283.465 595.276]/Type/Page>> endobj 118 0 obj [/ICCBased 123 0 R] endobj 119 0 obj <> endobj 120 0 obj <>stream It was gilded and stood on 10 columns of marble. Its architectural richness exceeded the expectations of medieval architects, especially Europeans, henceforth becoming a show case for them to imitate and admire.