During that time he was infamously stomped by Sentry. @professorrespect: Okay even if we use watchmen limited feats Dr. Manhattan, he can still see past, present and future, make unlimited clones, can manipulate pretty much everything including atoms, time, space, and the universe. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Dr. Manhattan is a mortal who became a godlike being through being disintegrated by Instrinsic Field Subtractor and then later on reconstructed himself. Molecule Man attempts to undo it, but its structure is alien and shifting, so he opts for the next best choice. Lacking any choice, he teleports himself to Battleworld, where he meets his opponent and attacks him without provocation. I. However Dr. Manhattan doesn't really seem to have any limits on his powers including death because he can reform his body. Round 1-Watchmen era Manhattan vs Classic Molecule Man, Round 2-Rebirth Manhattan vs Post-Secret Wars Molecule Man, Complete stomp for molecule man both rounds; classic molecule man was in the top 5 most powerful beings in marvel, whilst post secret wars is omniversal I think. Dr Manhattan is no slouch too, stronger than Mr Mxyzptlk and can manipulate all laws of physics but Molecule Man outclasses him. This again was an early, weaker version of the Molecule Man. There is another aspect of Kirby though, that becomes apparent through his work: the man loved gods. Just to clarify, when he died of old age, he was stuck in a pocket dimension by the Watcher. Well, this is the shit that saves him. Not to mention that Doctor Manhattan has never really showed his full capabilities. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! To these people I will say: -Possessing a thought process isn’t proof of possessing free will. Molecule man stomps 11/10 times. @Doctor_Quantum: Thats awesome I had no idea he could do that...But Wouldn't he kill himself in the process? This one got it right. Part 4-Can't do this rhyming shit anymore, Movies from the Multiverse-Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Movies from the Multiverse-Captain Planet, Why Hans Zimmer needs to be smacked in the face (guest post by Fotis Wiz Frikiman Kyriazidis), Sunglasses at night Serpent's Dance Shaman Cory Hart. @Decoy Elite: Yeah true. Molecule Man isn't cosmologically above LT. Cosmologically they're on the same level. You are indeed where you belong. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In essence, in the comic book pantheon, Kirby is Zeus, the Almighty (if slightly Dickish) lord and master of the universe. Marvel’s cosmic setting is so damn filled with so many deities, near-deities, avatars of higher powers and personifications of higher powers with such ridiculous variations in both power and vulnerability (as well as numerous interlocking or ill-defined spheres of influence), that it boggles the mind. Cut off from his duplicates, Dr. Manhattan collapses into a form, as Molecule Man begins working his battleground against his opponent. He'll know what will happen, but he has absolutely nothing that can counter that future. Press J to jump to the feed. You will not find any reference that MM resides in a dimension that is by default superior to LT's dimension. He once fought with the Beyonder and the duo ended up destroying thousands of universes. WHO OR WHAT THE HELL IS MOLECULE MAN, ANYWAY? Round 1 is like an anteater versus an ant, with Manhattan as the ant. If both managed to blow each other up at the start of the battle Im positve Manhattan will survive YOU CANNOT DESTROY MATTER He'll just reassemble. The Watcher further put on other mental blocks so he believed he could not use his powers at all in that dimension. Manhattan blows the shit out the ground that Molecule Man is standing on, nearly destroying him. If he erases him from the comic he's done. He sees his own past, his own present and his own future. We don't even know who Mxy was talking about in the scan you're referring to. Add that to the fact that Manhattan can see all time at once, he probably could mess with Molecule Man's origin. Dr. Manhattan is, in other words, pop culture’s most depressing superhuman. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Or at the very least, turn ourselves into a planetful of Batmen. Y’all motherfuckers can negate the very existence of the current universe, for all I care. show 1 reply . When did MM reconstruct himself from subatomic particles? I believe he was a lot stronger pre-retcon. They are both entities that can shape matter and energy at their whim and they are, essentially, mankind’s ultimate dream, given form. Since the Molecule Man used for this encounter will be the 80’s (his most powerful) version, this means that his power. Exposed to the deadly radiation, Jon Osterman found out that it’s true what they say of radiation’s effects on humans: Potentially lethal, with a miniscule chance of providing atomic omnipotence and/or blue skin color. Dr Manhattan is far stronger than molecule man. I can probably count the legitimately omniversal characters from Marvel and DC on one hand. But Owen isn't the ant. Rebirth Manhattan is also high multiversal. Don't give him assumed abilities which is basically the no-limits fallacy (just because he never did it doesn't prove that he can't do it but its hard to prove a negative). If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. Molecule Man has fought unspeakably powerful cosmic entities in non-space and Dr. Manhattan is the closest thing Watchmen has to God. Thats is the definition of a fallacy... We are talking about on paper who could destroy who. We are not comparing feats... MM can be defeated He died of old age for god sake! Catwoman made me laugh (mostly because she was trying so goddamn hard to be serious and sexy even though she was worse than Halle Berry at it). Using both characters at the time, Manhattan would still win. I read some blurred that Dr. m had something to do with DC reset. Another is that he is a big fish in a very small pond. It’s happened before in the Marvel Continuity and it’s doing it now. In other words it’s like saitama, he’s feats against Boros are still feats he could replicate in episode 1. I'm assuming Owen Reece is still MM.. Dr. Manhattan appears to be the victor, but if he is struck by a gamma ray burst, he will discombobulate and find it impossible to reform himself. @Enemybird: If by "mental blocks off", you mean pre-retcon abilities so he gets his feats back, the Molecule Man destroys Dr. Manhattan without the slightest effort. Oh there’s a poorly defined cosmic explanation behind it all. @mbatz: I still have no idea what you are talking about. Owen is exposed to a mysterious particle originating from the dimension of the Beyonders (go Google that shit, I honestly don’t have enough time to explain) and gains the superhuman power to manipulate energy and transmute the molecular structure of everything he surveys with but a thought. Which raises another interesting question: what is it about gods and humanity anyway? Not to mention he can hold an omniverse in his hands. Lol DC folks trying to use logic that don't apply to a character meta Verse please fan made non sense...MM has much better Feats....Still haven't seen one for The Dr.... @destinyman75: How are meta powers bullshit when that's a canon power which is used for power scaling ? Molecule Man has a very similar power set, but I'm fairly sure can die. Almost half of what you state he can do he hasn't done. Press J to jump to the feed. Molecule Man has a very similar power set, but I'm fairly sure can die.