The Central Americans eventually added the citrus to make today’s Ceviche. Note: A higher value means a higher proportion of all queries, not a higher absolute query count. Tacos and other street foods are especially appealing to restaurant operators because they offer a combination of authenticity and approachability. The fastest growing Mexican entree on US menus is chilaquiles, which appear on 24% more menus now than they did  four years ago, according to research by Datassential. Chef’s Pencil grants you permission to reuse, host, or repost the graphics and images from this article. While elote and tacos are growing rapidly, the scope of modern Mexican cuisine extends far beyond street food. More people became familiar with the food and culture, so more tourists went to Thailand. With the women came their own regional style of cooking that makes Mexico cuisine a national treasure, transforming Mexico City into the melting pot of Mexico’s cuisine. Mexican is hugely popular in the US, but it barely makes the top five in the other countries analyzed. Tortas and tacos are also on the rise, with menu mentions over the past four years up 19% and 16%, respectively. There is also an interesting connection between the Jewish community and Chinese cuisine. Americans went to Thailand, loads of them during the Cold War years, and they brought the taste back home. Chef’s Pencil has analysed Google Trends data for the year 2019. The US is home to several Mexican fine dining concepts helmed by award-winning chefs. As part of its economic program, the Thai government began training chefs and sending them out to conquer the world, and they certainly conquered the States. Of course they were also hunters to include wild game and fish to their diet. Please see below how Google defines regional popularity scores: Values are calculated on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 is the location with the most popularity as a fraction of total searches in that location, a value of 50 indicates a location which is half as popular. Japanese – the pursuit of perfection, the sophistication, quality ingredients, and the mystery of Nippon have all inspired American chefs and consumers. Not much has changed in the last 100 years of the taco reaching popularity as Mexico’s number one street food. Similar to Korean cuisine, it’s the good people in the state of Hawaii (100) leading the drive for this fresh, seasonal food. © 2018 SmartBrief All rights reserved. The history of Believe it or not, the state with the highest interest score is shivering Alaska (100). While the souped-up, go-go-go East prefers one, the chilled out, take it easy West goes for the other. Los Angeles, CA and Santa Ana, CA in nearby Orange County close the top five. One Mexican street food classic that has strong potential for growth is elote, also referred to as Mexican-style street corn. Chinese cuisine in the United States is longer and richer than that of Mexican. 5. In fact, around 9% of the nation’s restaurants are Mexican. Google uses AI to categorize search terms for national cuisines. According to Datassential MenuTrends, the word "street" has increased nearly 40% on menus over the past four years. Korean – It might have been slow to take off, but Korean food is now huge in the States. Americans’ culinary tastes shape up according to Google Trends data. It’s so much more than sushi – tonkatsu, chirashi-don, tempura, ramen, the names themselves create a sense of exploring. The invasion of Mexico brought ingredients to the culture such as garlic, wheat, herbs, and a variety of spices. Then, when people saw Nixon eating Peking Duck on a trip to China in 1972, interest piqued and demand grew for authentic Chinese rather than Chop Suey, noodles, and spring rolls. Inspired by a conversation he had with Olvera at the G9 Chefs Summit at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, chef and entrepreneur Jorge Gaviria founded Masienda in 2014 to help make Mexican heirloom corn available to more US restaurants. Arizona (100) came top of the interest rate chart, Texas (88) second, Nevada (86) third, followed by Arkansas (84), and New Mexico (84). The history of Mexican food is a diverse history believed to have started as far back as the Mayan Indians. Korean food is twice as popular in Hawaii compared to runner-ups – Nevada and California, each scoring 51 on Google’s Korean food popularity index, with Washington state coming in forth. Mexican might be big in the south and west, but Chinese food dominates the North East and takes the crown as the most searched for cuisine on Google. The city that comes top is Newark, NJ (100) and Philadelphia, PA (64) comes in second. Chef’s Pencil has analyzed the popularity of ethnic cuisines in multiple countries, such as Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland. Boston came in fourth, while Tampa, FL came in at a very respectable fourth place. Whether it’s the fresh ingredients, the powerful flavors, the varied options, or that it’s cheap, Americans sure love it’s neighbor’s food. Mexican food is popular because it’s full of flavor. _________________________________________________. What is unique about the data is that it doesn’t only indicate Americans’ dining out habits. Win win. Other foods you might consider as Mexican, like Flan and Ceviche were brought into the country after the Spanish invasion. If you enjoyed this article, join SmartBrief's email list for more stories about the food and beverage industry. COPYRIGHT 2020 PVDN, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED |, Body found in Nayarit believed to be of kidnapped real estate developer, Mexico reaches a new record of COVID-19 infections. Another trend that the future may hold for Mexican cuisine in the US is insects. The word “taco” referred to little pieces of paper folded and filled with gun powder to blast away silver in the mines. It’s why it was named an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. So a tiny country where 80% of the queries are for “bananas” will get twice the score of a giant country where only 40% of the queries are for “bananas”. Google provides data on a whole range of topics, including national cuisines, and allocates a score that indicates the level of interest in the topic. 2020 © Chef's Pencil   Privacy Policy & Terms of Service  Advertise with us  Contact us. It's that easy to help small publishers like PVDN! Salsa uses many of the most common ingredients of the Aztec era, including the tomato, chili, tomatillio, and the staple of Aztec seasoning, the chipotle. Consisting of a grilled ear of corn topped with cotija cheese, chili, lime, mayonnaise and cilantro, elote “is a natural side dish or appetizer at Mexican operators, but is starting to [grow] outside of ethnic restaurants,” Datassential wrote in its March 2017 On the Menu report. The Mexican dishes include healthy and fresh ingredients like avocados, beans, chiles, tomatoes and other vegetables, and different types of meat like beef, chicken, pork, and fish even rabbit, lamb, among others used in tacos, tamales or soups. Mexican food is a favorite among many in countries all around the world because of its flavor and fresh ingredients. The Mayans were nomadic hunters and gathers of food. And just like the people themselves, American food came from across the seas, or over the border. Chef's Pencil is part of the Amazon Associate Program and earns from qualifying purchases. It started out as the food of the poor, looked down on as cheap and nasty. second-largest Korean population in the US, Chef of the Week: Pastry Chef Ruchit Harneja, Musaafer, Houston, TX, Top 20 Popular Kenyan Dishes You Must Try (With Photos), Most Popular Ethnic Cuisines in America According to Google. | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use| CCPA "Do Not Sell My Personal Information", How agtech helps mitigate supply chain disruptions, Bringing supermarkets into the smartphone era, Q&A: Versatile turkey offers shortcut to a myriad of school meals, Triple Oak Power's Gronner outlines opportunities for onshore wind. Given the Italian-American connections in New York, it’s no surprise that Yonkers (100) and New York City (97) came first and second in the city interest ratings. It’s not surprising that Mexican is so popular – they come from next door after all. Italian, one of the most heralded cuisines globally, is outranked by Asian cuisines pretty much everywhere. Caroline is a writer, photographer and teacher. I think all those intrepid immigrants deserve a round of applause and the thanks of the nation! But it was in the early 2000s that Thai really took off. It’s really night and day.”. It also shows what Americans are eating at home. Chinese cuisine is the most popular cuisine in all the five countries analyzed except Australia, where, surprisingly, Thai took home the crown. Chinese restaurants quickly became known as some of the It became more popular in the 1940s, particularly in New York, and then in the 1970s and ‘80s it entered the realms of fine dining. This shift could result in a restaurant landscape where freshly made tortillas are the norm, rather than the exception. Google Trends popularity scores are relative and not absolute. The taco was more than cheap street food for the middle-class labor workers of Mexico City, it evolved into an important social and cultural event as well. Tortillas with a bean paste were a common meal, much like refried beans of today. The company now supplies corn to more than 150 restaurants across the US, and the chefs who work with it are passionate about the corn’s superior flavor compared with pre-ground corn flour made from commodity corn.