Can. it in a third party non-RSC publication you must Le Roy, R.J., J. Mol. Phys. Similarly, Cu2HgI4 is used as a precipitating reagent to test for alkaloids. Direct inversion of magnetic fluorescence quenching data for the B3Π(0u+) state of iodine, The iodine clock reaction (in which iodine also serves as a test for starch, forming a dark blue complex),[17] is a popular educational demonstration experiment and example of a seemingly oscillating reaction (it is only the concentration of an intermediate product that oscillates). [79] Its specific mode of action is unknown. Hansch, T.W. J. Chem. Phys., 1972, 57, 2397. Lett., 1974, 32, 196. Conclusion: LeRoy, R.J., Resolution of overlapping continua, ; Schawlow, A.L., Farmany A, Khosravi A, Abbasi S, Cheraghi J, Hushmandfar R, Sobhanardakani S, Noorizadeh H, Mortazavi SS. [all data], Wallenstein, Paisner, et al., 1974 Phys. endstream [85], Inorganic iodides find specialised uses. The brine is first purified and acidified using sulfuric acid, then the iodide present is oxidised to iodine with chlorine. is available on our Permission Requests page. Spectroscopic constants and vibrational assignment for the B3Π0u+ state of iodine, [90], Recommendations by the United States Institute of Medicine are between 110 and 130 µg for infants up to 12 months, 90 µg for children up to eight years, 130 µg for children up to 13 years, 150 µg for adults, 220 µg for pregnant women and 290 µg for lactation. Saturation spectroscopy of molecular iodine using the 5017 Å argon laser line, Iodine signal was recognized clearly at the mass number of 127, TMAH solution also enable to extract iodine from soil. J. Phys. The Bland-Altman difference plot showed a small but significant mean difference of -13.3 microg/L for ICP-MS. J. Chem. Mild iodine deficiency is endemic in many countries of Europe including Belgium. Lett., 1975, 34, 1137. Levenson, M.D. <>stream formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center. The unit of measure for mass is the atomic mass unit (amu). Chapman, G.D.; Bunker, P.R., Aqueous alkaline iodine solution is used in the iodoform test for methyl ketones. Z. Gouedard, G.; Broyer, M.; Vigue, J.; Lehmann, J.C., Rev., 1931, 38, 1187. Inst. Barrow, R.F. Rev. Resolution of the visible-infrared absorption spectrum of I2 into three contributing transitions, [85], The organoiodine compound erythrosine is an important food coloring agent. by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. 2015 Mar;4(1):36-42. doi: 10.1159/000375261. Background: Mild iodine deficiency is endemic in many countries of Europe including Belgium. Barrow, R.F. Rousseau, D.L., However, iodo compounds can often be spotted by observing the iodonium peak (I +) in the mass spectrum at m/z 129.. Other atoms have isotopes that are less abundant. [all data], McLennan, 1913 ; Brizel, H.E. Phys. Brewer, L.; Tellinghuisen, J., Electronic states and potential energy diagram of the iodine molecule, [all data], Kiefer and Bernstein, 1972 uses its best efforts to deliver a high quality copy of the A line is now resolved such that either 15 components, (from even rotational quantum numbers, Jeven), or 21 components (from odd rotational quantum numbers, Jodd) are measurable.[76]. 1998 Winter;66(1-3):39-53. doi: 10.1007/BF02783124. R. Soc. do not have an increased risk for a contrast medium hypersensitivity. ; Schnepp, O.; Stephens, P.J., Brown, R.L. Rotational analysis of the 5350 Å band of iodine by means of Fourier transform spectroscopy, Harper, P.V. Vibrational-rotational structure in the resonance Raman effect of iodine vapor, Tellinghuisen, J., [all data], Hanes, Lapierre, et al., 1971 Rev. Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. Assignment of continuous spectra by photofragment spectroscopy: C state of I2, Paris, Ser. Please enable JavaScript Mesure directe de la duree de vie des facteurs de lande du niveau 3Π0u+, v'=62, J'=27 de la molecule I2, A, 1959, 48, 197. J. Chem. Fast, accurate and specific methods for quantification of urinary iodine are needed. the whole article in a third party publication with the exception of reproduction Broyer, M.; Lehmann, J.C., Improved spectroscopic data synthesis for I2(B3Π0u+) and predictions of J dependence for B(3Π0u+)-X(1Σg+) transition intensities, Eur Thyroid J. Soc. Excessive iodine intake does not increase the recurrence rate of graves' disease after withdrawal of the antithyroid drug in an iodine-replete area. Get the latest public health information from CDC: [all data], Venkateswarlu, 1951 Matrix Raman spectra of the molecular halogens: resonance Raman spectra of isolated and aggregated I2, [95][96] Iodised salt is fortified with iodine in the form of sodium iodide. Lett., 1973, 19, 480. Solutions with high elemental iodine concentration, such as tincture of iodine and Lugol's solution, are capable of causing tissue damage if used in prolonged cleaning or antisepsis; similarly, liquid Povidone-iodine (Betadine) trapped against the skin resulted in chemical burns in some reported cases. ; Lloyd, D.R. Naturally occurring iodine is virtually 100 percent 129 I, so unlike the spectra of chlorine- and bromine-containing molecules, iodine-containing molecules don’t show isotope peaks. [81][82], Iodine-131 (usually as iodide) is a component of nuclear fallout, and is particularly dangerous owing to the thyroid gland's propensity to concentrate ingested iodine and retain it for periods longer than this isotope's radiological half-life of eight days. Hays, A.K. ; Levenson, M.D. Phys., 1969, 51, 615. Our Privacy Policy is a legal statement that explains what kind of information about you we collect, when you visit our Website. [all data], Child, 1973 Keller, C.; Broyer, M.; Lehmann, J.-C., Get the latest research from NIH: [all data], Cordes, 1935 [all data], Solarz and Levy, 1972 Note that, each element may contain more isotopes, therefore this resulting atomic mass is calculated from naturally-occuring isotopes and their abundance. [all data], Tellinghuisen, 1975 The mass spectrum of iodine pentoxide has been studied in a number of magnetic deflection and in time-of-flight mass spectrometers.Circumstantial evidence has been found for a polymeric iodine pentoxide structure. Rotational Lande factors in the B3Π0u+ state of iodine, This website was founded as a non-profit project, build entirely by a group of nuclear engineers. Also observed for. J. Mol. [all data], Capelle and Broida, 1973 However, new studies suggest that Japan's consumption is closer to 1,000–3,000 μg/day. Acta, 1966, 39, 564. %PDF-1.4 The purpose of the fee is to recover costs associated Chem. Calculation of intensity distribution in the vibrational structure of electronic transitions: the B3Π0+u-X1Σ0g+ resonance series of molecular iodine, McLennan, J.C., [92] The general US population has adequate iodine nutrition,[98][99] with women of childbearing age and pregnant women having a possible mild risk of deficiency. [all data], LeRoy, 1970 3. It is also used to block uptake of iodine-131 in the thyroid gland (see isotopes section above), when this isotope is used as part of radiopharmaceuticals (such as iobenguane) that are not targeted to the thyroid or thyroid-type tissues. Add this number back into the chemical formula (CnH2n+1) and append the halogen for the complete chemical formula. [all data], Rank and Baldwin, 1951 J. Chem. [all data], Bunker and Hanes, 1974 Background: Chlorine has two isotopes, 35 Cl and 37 Cl, in the approximate ratio of 3 atoms of 35 Cl to 1 atom of 37 Cl. Lett., 1973, 18, 357. [all data], Degenkolb, Steinfeld, et al., 1969 The thermal emission of iodine, In total, they can contain at least 0.02% and at most 1% iodine by mass. Yee, K.K., Laser-molecular beam measurement of hyperfine structure in the I2 spectrum, Lett. evaluated, Extrapolated from data with v' ≥ 4. J. Mol. Phys. The typical adult dose is one 130 mg tablet per 24 hours, supplying 100 mg (100,000 micrograms) of ionic iodine. Huber, K.P. Appl. Data compiled by: Klaus P. Huber and Gerhard H. Herzberg, Go To: Top, Constants of diatomic molecules, Notes, Myer and Samson, 1970