There’s so many stories where I love with Lex in them, from All-Star Superman to Geoff Johns’ Action Comics — and how he wrote him in Justice League, in fact, when he became a hero. A powerful wizard that switched bodies with Green Lantern and defeated the Justice League. All of it culminates in like a year in like a Metal event. Protect our own. Your email address will not be published. Justice League is nearly the first time you have come to Lex Luthor as a character. When this failed, it controlled Maxwell Lord's mind and sought to dominate the world through cunning by forming and controlling the Justice League. And he wants to be a hero. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The Lord of Misrule, Saturna aligns with Simon Magus to conquer Magic-Land. In May you learn Lex has an offer for everybody [...], in July the offer actually hits the books, where he appears for all the villains and says, “This is what I set up for you, do you want it or not? Year of the Villain Comics. The first seeds of Year of the Villain are sown in these issues, including Lex Luthor’s visions which will set him on his mission to become the apex of human civilization. When he learned of the League's Earth, he sought to conquer it as well and crossed swords with its heroes. Pre-, Aliens that lost a war in a distant solar system 100,000 years ago. Felix Faust summoned their power using a bell, a wheel, and a jar that they had created for this purpose, only to be foiled by the League. Energy creature that feeds on negative emotion captured by the League that escaped later to dominate their minds. One such escape was led by, A Hawkman foe drafted to battle the Justice League alongside other villains on several occasions, the Matter Master would battle the League when he tried to eliminate the, Nemesis to Hal Jordan and rogue Green Lantern, Thall Sinestro would frequently battle the League as a part of various villainous groups, until forming the, A frequent sparring partner of the League who is able to manipulate his own luck, Fortune formed the original Royal Flush Gang. Mainly an FPS and action guy, Jason enjoys the occasional well crafted title from every genre. Required fields are marked *. First Appearance However, it would later merge with the soul of Enigma's deceased daughter in S.P.H.E.R.E. Once assembled, they set their sights on Apex Lex. This issue moves the Lex Luthor plot forward. Through use of psycho-chemicals, the Key expanded his mind and developed a key-theme for his criminal operations while facing the League. Several incarnations of a group based on a playing card theme that have faced the League many times. She is prophesied to cause great destruction at the behest of the Anti-Monitor. Dubbed the Weird, he seeks to warn the Justice League; however, two Macrolatts possess Superman and, Historically, a group of D-list villains led by, A version of the Crime Syndicate for the Justice League at the time. Rex Rogan's company Repli-Tech Industries was going bankrupt and in a radical move he had himself and his board of directors turned into man-animal hybrids called the Ani-Men. Weapons: None known. When they seek to enter other realms for the purpose of conquest, a Zarolatt escapes, comes to Earth, and animates the dead body of Walter Langley. From Year of the Villain. This winter, DC’s Year of the Villain event will come to a bloody conclusion with a battle royale for the ages. Their weapons were taken away, but they sent a probe through the Universe to record all weapons, enabling them to find one that was able to defeat their foes.