Directors Looking for some great streaming picks? (11 Mar 2006). "The Great Brain Robbery"(March 4, 2006) Roulette informs Lex Luthor that Meta-Brawl's receipts have dwindled to almost nothing, due to the poor quality of the fighters left to her; together with the hefty cut that Luthor demands of all Legion of Doom members, she is having trouble making ends meet. (It helps that the show’s creators did remarkable work laying a feminist foundation in Avatar: The Last Airbender.) The Guys and the Grudge Match. Joaquim Dos Santos She asks for the loan of a few Legion members to increase interest. She’s a fierce opponent, but she has the misfortune of being pitted against the even fiercer Black Canary, who is able to nimbly dodge Fire’s long-range attacks to score a victory in the episode’s first big action sequence. Justice League Unlimited #309 - Grudge Match released by Warner Brothers on March 11, 2006. send you an email once approved. Question: The deeper mystery here is "why do you even care?" Next ► Airdate: Huntress uses a garbage can lid to take out a thief at the start of the episode, continuing the long-running DCAU trend of using trash receptacles as weapons. Oliver Queen removed his Green Arrow hat, inspecting the rip with considerable disdain. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Depictions of women are often oversexualized to gross extremes, and there’s a sad history of female victimization for male motivation in superhero comics (well chronicled at Gail Simone’s “Women In Refrigerators” website). © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Henchman: “Nobody’s betting.” Roulette: “Who can blame them?”, Huntress: “So what are you wearing?” Question: “Blue overcoat. The opening fight between Hellhound and Shatterfist is hilariously pathetic. Sonar: In another thirty seconds, your brains will be so scrambled, I'll be able to serve 'em up with bacon. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Orange socks?”, “No wonder you’ve been fighting like a girl. As the battle is engaged, both heroines are successful in removing the Justice League communicators from both Vixen's and Hawkgirl's ears. Huntress: You're scum. Luthor, as always, is preoccupied with trying to resurrect Brainiac, but realizes that he needs funds to construct a new device. Justice League Unlimited, “Grudge Match” (season 3, episode 9; originally aired March 11, 2006). "Justice League Unlimited" Grudge Match (TV Episode 2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. There’s something very primal about the idea of pitting people against each other in a cage match, particularly when those people are all beautiful women that bring an unavoidable air of sensuality to the violence. See?”, Vixen: “Anybody got a plan?” Hawkgirl: “Yeah. Black Canary is the quickest, most acrobatic of the fighters in this episode, moving at a pace that makes it difficult for her opponents to land a hit. Roulette: Of course, you two aren't under my control any longer, which means I'm going to have to eliminate you. Grudge Match Justice League Unlimited episode That night, Roulette announces a double-match: Huntress and Canary vs. Vixen and Hawkgirl. Black Canary: Pff. Add the first question. Soon, Roulette and a doctor arrives to check on Fire, to which Huntress informs Canary over what she did while hypnotise. View production, box office, & company info, Favorite Justice League Unlimited Episodes. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The skimpy costumes and exaggerated proportions mean that no matter what the animators do, there’s going to be an element of titillation for certain viewers, but that’s far from the focus of “Grudge Match.” This is an episode about the strength and skill of women as warriors, establishing that they can be action heroes that are just as riveting as their male colleagues. Next Episode I'm an entrepreneur. There’s no way not to be exploitative when one of the character designs is a naked green woman with flames for hair, but Fire’s exposed appearance doesn’t mean that she’s vulnerable in battle. The superhero genre doesn’t have the best track record with female characters. Try to stay alive.” Huntress: “Anybody got a, Black Canary: “Bad enough most people think superheroes solve all their problems with their fists.” Huntress: “Like we’re all a bunch of muscle-headed stereotypes.” Black Canary: “We’re better than that.” Huntress: “Way!”. TV-Y7-FV | 23min | Animation, Action, Adventure | Episode aired 11 March 2006. Joaquim Dos Santos Justice League Unlimited Luthor, as always, is preoccupied with trying to resurrect Brainiac, but realizes that he needs funds to construct a new device. Luthor, himself strapped for cash, gives Roulette an idea in the form of st. Grudge Match is an episode of season 3 of Justice League Unlimited. Sonar / But the fun isn't over yet: Roulette announces a new star attraction to the mix -- Wonder Woman. March 11th, 2006 Magic and science collide, swapping the minds of Lex Luthor and The Flash. Huntress and Black Canary are soon brought into the fighting arena, where they must fight together against Hawkgirl and Vixen. Can even these four beautiful bruisers stand up to the Amazon powerhouse herself? These characters don’t have the same kind of relationship as Black Canary and Huntress, and their fighting styles are further distanced to emphasize that. Huntress and Black Canary have a friendly fight. Soon both heroines are captured and placed in a cell together, where they both discover that Roulette is using the Justice League communicators to brainwash the female members into fighting each other. Justice League Unlimited Season 3: Episode 9 Isn't this the woman who beat the snot out of you a few months back? Season 3, Episode 9 Grudge Match. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Black Canary acts as if she just snapped out of a trance, but only long enough for Huntress to knock her out. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Luthor, himself strapped for cash, gives Roulette an idea in the form of staging all-female Meta-Brawl matches that she named the Glamor Slam, but it wouldn't feature any of Luthor's female members from his Secret Society, as he hints. You can search for Grudge Match. Huntress: Now, don't go all sentimental on me. That’s why it’s so refreshing when a show like The Powerpuff Girls or Steven Universe or The Legend Of Korra comes along, putting women of all ages in roles that are typically reserved for men. In the ring, of course. She gains the upper hand, however, disables both her and Sonar, and orders the latter to switch off the mind-control signal. 35 Afterwards as Canary is leaving, Huntress angrily confronts her, pointing out that she had nearly killed Fire. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Black Canary only answers Huntress with her fists until her Justice League communicator falls out of her ear and gets crushed. Black Canary: If you call me "girlfriend", I'm gonna dropkick you into the next county. See? She does, however, offer Black Canary a two-out-of-three-falls match to work out their anger issues with each other, which she accepts. Roulette gets Lex Luthor to help her bring back Metabrawl as a way of financing his latest attempt to revive Brainiac, and to make the matches more enticing, the Legion of Doom uses Grodd’s mind control technology to put female heroes in the arena. "Far From Home" Season 3 | Episode 9. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Photo Credits: Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW, Create Your Own Hallmark Christmas Movie and We'll Tell You Which One to Watch, You'll Be Able to Get a Year of Hulu for $1.99 Per Month on Black Friday, How to Watch The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2020, How to Watch the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Fight on Thanksgiving Weekend. Yes, much of the running time is devoted to scantily clad women brawling in a cage, but these aren’t sloppy catfights intended to titillate. In terms of narrative, the story by Matt Wayne and script by J.M. All of these women are worthy adversaries in Roulette’s freshly revived Metabrawl, but they need to combine their might if they’re going to take out Wonder Woman. (voice). Before going home, the two women decide to have one last re-match. Question: socks? I'm having some serious financial problems, and I'm afraid you're to blame. Justice League Unlimited #309 - Grudge Match. Roulette and Sonar are arrested, and the rest of the League members are released. A page for describing Recap: Justice League Unlimited S 3 E 9 Grudge Match. (On the phone) Huntress has a considerably more grounded technique, focusing on brute strength and making calculated moves that take advantage of her opponent’s momentum. Grudge Match last edited by Directed by: Huntress stumbles upon this scheme when she encounters a weary Black Canary struggling with a common pickpocket, and when she tries to save her friend from Roulette’s game, Huntress ends up becoming a player herself.