Put it in the microwave and cook on high for 40 or 50 seconds for one hot dog. Honest. Paper towels make cleanup a cinch by absorbing grease and moisture that leaks out of the hot dog as it cooks. Pictured: Chicago-Style Hot Dog. On the Grill. Steps 1. Cooking Hot Dogs in Microwave Take the hot dog out of the package. Wrap the hot dog in a paper towel and place it on a microwave-safe plate. 3. To microwave a better dog, just wrap it in a paper towel before nuking for 30 seconds at 80 percent power. Pierce the hot dog with a sharp knife three times. How to Boil Hot Dogs. Using tongs, remove the hot dog from the water and check the temperature. Put the hot dog into a microwave safe plastic or glass tumbler that is taller than the hot dog, but not the fork. … If it is fully warmed to … This tried and true method is an easy way to … How Long Does a Cooked Hot Dog Keep? Take a fork and stick it into one or two hot dogs about a quarter of the way from the end at a good angle so that the... 2. The folks at Leite's Culinaria have shared an essential hot dog microwaving trick: a paper towel. Grilling gives your hot dog that smoky, summer flavor you just can’t get any other way. Covering it with a paper towel holds in the steam ensuring a plump, juicy dog. Be sure to use a microwave-safe plate. To reheat hotdogs in the microwave, wrap them in a damp paper towel (wet the paper towel and squeeze as much water back out as you can, then gently pull the paper towel apart to flatten) Microwave on high for 20 seconds and repeat at 10 second intervals until heated through as you prefer. You just have to know the trick. Place the hot dog(s) on a paper towel-lined plate. After your hotdog is neatly rolled in the paper towel, you simply put it in the microwave on normal settings for about 45-55 seconds, and viola. Simply place your hotdog on a bun and you are good to go. If you're cooking multiple hot dogs, line them up in a row on the towel, leaving a little space between each. This allows them to cook evenly.