Finally, I would like to know your thought process when you determined your angles for steering (camber, caster, and kingpin). 65.1K members. Please tell me what you think. Tagged as: Part 2: Ben Nelson’s 1995 Geo Metro “Electro-Metro”, Total build cost, including car: $ 1200.00 The transmission, horn brakes lights and so on will need to be saved. This section is to give you a starting point, you may already have a car and that section will not cost you anything or you may want to start with an old Corvette and you will have to pay more. Read the latest Pininfarina Battista news here. I'd like some more info on the race you competed in, specifically, length of time that the cars had to drive for, were there any hills on the track. All rights reserved.Driving Electric is a registered trademark. Consider your needs as mentioned in the introduction. The weak points are probably the welds, so we keep these to a minimum. This is what it’s all about. A 'tunnel' through the bodywork boosts airflow, while a splitter at the front channels cooling air to the car's battery pack. on Introduction. In the corners the glass matting needs a gentle radius so we mixed wood fibre (sawdust from sanding) with some resin to smooth out any tight bends before laying up the glass matting. I have a plan/need help. I decided to build an electric car. The Inland Empire Driveline Shop was very knowledgably and also advised me to add the adjustability to the drive shaft. It’s not on sale yet – it should arrive in 2022 – but the Tesla Roadster looks set to be a force to reckoned with for all supercars, electric or otherwise. This instructable gives an overview of building two small cars from the ground up, both powered by electric bike motors. Reply The motors came from Cylone Motor in Taiwan, 5 years ago So, I'm starting an electrathon team this year, and I just have a couple questions. Wisconsin, USA, Part 3 – Darin Cosgrove’s 1992 Geo Metro “Project ForkenSwift”, Total build cost, including car: $ 955 483.2K posts. 5 years ago 5 Other stuff- The other stuff you will need you will probably have to buy new. 6 years ago Read the latest Volkswagen ID. Nevertheless, Chris sees the addition of the charging station as an important piece of infrastructure—not just for tenants and guests of the building, but for the surrounding community too: The total cost of purchase and installation came in at around $50,000, says Chris, with $16,000 of that coming from the Department of Transportation grant. Get a checklist from the internet if you need it. I found an old pine log in the paddock that was big enough to carve a plug for the body from and cut two large slabs, one each for the top and bottom car body. Zero CO2 emissions, significantly reduced local air pollution and ultra-low running costs are the chief benefits of electric cars. With a chain drive motor, the gearing can be adjusted and speeds can be alot higher for an aerodynamic body. Come join the discussion about electric vehicle conversions, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! I have reached a top speed of 46 mph. Add paint, graphics, a windscreen to complete a simple electric car. I think you have basically two choices Lead Acid and Lithium. The bottom of the body rivets directly to the main chassis tubes and the top half of the body joins by pivoting at the front on a repurposed door hinge. Exact performance figures haven't been released, but the car’s 6m45s lap of the Nurburgring in Germany gives cars like the Porsche 918 Spyder a run for their money. Part 4: Paul Holmes’ $2200, 1971 VW Beetle While previous seasons required drivers to change cars mid-race, the latest racers have a much larger battery capacity (54kWh) and can go the full distance. What range do you get out of this? Then you have Lithium which if you want lighter weight and longer distance you may want to use Lithium batteries. Further attempts at the record by the Buckeye Bullet team are expected to clear 400mph; a hydrogen-electric version is also in the works. This is to give you an idea of how much you may need to spend. I started my research by viewing many Electric Vehicle (EV) builds. We love the design of your Roadbot 3! First thing to do is to look for a gasoline car to be … The cars are designed for efficiency to extract the ma… You may want to buy a book on how to convert your car to electric and if you do buy a book that is recommended by many others. Like I said earlier, some parts are designed for specific voltage. We have written previously about Project ForkenSwift, the electric Geo Metro made from forklift and golf cart parts for the princely sum of $672 (its build cost has since crept up to  $955 – details in part 3).  At that time, it might have been easy to dismiss that low-cost grocery getter as an unrealistic one-off, assembled by obsessively cost-conscious builders. As electric vehicle use spreads, demand for more—and faster—charging stations will grow too. R electric racer lowered the benchmark to just over six minutes and five seconds in June 2019. Factory Five I know, it sounds like a Maker Faire fantasy, but should you build your own electric car? - Page 2 - Honda Forum / Acura Forum -, Ecomodder’s Dirt Cheap DIY Electric Cars | Zoomi Life, It a Trend 3 Dirt Cheap DIY Electric Cars Hypermiling Fuel | low cost car insurance, How To Build Your Own Electric Car? been trying so hard to get one but i only find atv ones.Greetings from MexicoLeo G. Reply Four electric motors combine to produce 1,873bhp and 2,300Nm of torque; 0-62mph is said to take less than two seconds, with 0-186mph dealt with in just 12 seconds. 1942 Ford Jeep $ 700 Parts to get the Jeep safe to drive (brakes and stuff) $ 200 Car Parts StoreWARP 9 motor $ 800 Craigslist.comController Alltrax AXE 7245 w/400 Amp fuse $ 400 eBay.com6 Deep Cycle Batteries plus core charges $ 492 WalmartDriveshaft $360 Inland Empire DrivelineMajor components Sub Total 2,952Spicer 1350 Series Yoke $ 56 Amazon.comAlbright SW200 Style Main Contactor - 72 Volt $ 85 EVDrives.comCurtis PB-6 0-5K Ohm Throttle $ 89 EVDrives.comEmergency Shut Off Switch $ 15 Harbor Freight3 Amp Diode $ 4 EVDrives.com1K Ohm Resistor $ 4 EVDrives.comReverse protection diode $ 2 Local Electric Parts StoreKey Switch $ 16 Local Electric Parts Store Wire 3/0 awg 26' $ 50 Lowes26 x 3/0 awg Wire lugs $ 28 Amazon.comSteel tubes, angle iron and scrap steel $ 100 K&H MetalsInline fuse holder $ 5 Pep BoysChargers $ 150 Amazon.comMiscellaneous stuff $ ??? The latest generation of Formula E cars are incredible racing cars, indended as the pure-electric answer to Formula 1. All the battery types will have different choices within each selection. Reasons for using a log are twofold, firstly cost - had an old log in the paddock so doesn’t cost anything other than the time and secondly the timber will give a stronger more rigid surface than foam to mould onto. This year we are aspiring to upgrade our older cars and build one or two new vehicles. The EVs that are most commonly converted will have the most articles/forums that may help you get past a problem others have already solved. First you must know what you want to build. The first video shows the common components in an EV.2. Remember that if you have a simple car that does not have power brakes and power steering you will save some time as these components take special consideration and knowledge/research. | David's Electric Car Blog, DIY – Build an electric car – The Blogs at HowStuffWorks.