Connect your store to your desired Facebook fan page. There is not an integration between Etsy and Facebook that allows sellers to easily upload their Etsy listings to Facebook. Go to your shop manager from your Etsy shop page, then go to settings then at the bottom you’ll see Facebook shops. Choose ‘Facebook’ under ‘Link types’ and put in the URL of your Facebook business page. DISCLAIMER 2: There are so many things that need to be in place and connected properly for this to work. Running the occasional sale can be a great way to draw in customers and move merchandise. Type in your Etsy store name. So they won’t be actually getting any notification of what you’re posting. Re-connecting your store to your Facebook fan page. While Facebook provides more wordcount than some other social networking sites, it’s still best to make your posts short and sweet. Etsy provides super clear instructions on how to do this, so I'm just gonna drop the link here. Whatever you choose—paper goods, stickers, artwork made from craft supplies, T-shirts, homewares, jewelry, accessories, clothing, vintage items, or something else—make sure you have distinctive, appealing … 1. My first time doing all of this I feel like it only took a day. Will it drop off the old and add the new for instance? You have to supply a bank account for facebook to be able to transfer your funds to so this iteration looks to be more than just linking to existing shops on other websites. By creating a Facebook business page, you gain access to Insights, Facebook’s analytics tools. If you liked this article, please spread the word by sharing it on Facebook and Etsy. No problem! Apologies for the random message in the reply. Right under the cover image area of your page, you will find a blue box that says ‘Add a Button’., A quick and effective way to do this would be through our powerful new feature, Full-Funnel BFCM Campaigns the Pros Run: The only ad strategy you need for Facebook and Instagram promotions, Everything you need to know about Facebook & Instagram Shops and Etsy, Import your Etsy product feed to Facebook using Socioh’s Catalog Plan, Everything you need to know about Lookalike Audiences for your Facebook Ads, Facebook Advertising Terms: A handy glossary to supercharge that next campaign, A Facebook business page. Pick up anything you like from around the web, that you like and that you think your audience with enjoy, and share it across your social media. Go to and click on the "Get started now - Connect with Facebook" button. If you want to connect to a new business account, you can edit this any time. You can generate marketing plans, share posters, share reviews, create coupon codes, make daily deals and much more. At the end of this whole process, your followers/shoppers will be able to browse your products on Facebook/Instagram and you will be able to tag products in your photos. The term "Etsy" is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. Let your fans see your products. This does not work for me. This is one of the easiest, most direct ways to leverage Facebook for your business. Although posting multiple times a day is ideal, it’s better to post just once or twice every week than to post several days in a row and then stop. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Let me break it down for you. Pick up anything you like from around the web, that you like and that you think your audience with enjoy, and share it across your social media. The great thing about all social media, especially Facebook, is the ability to have meaningful conversations with your customers.When thinking of content ideas, consider topics that will help you connect with your followers. If using Google Sheets, Facebook will automatically update your products based on what is in the Google Sheet every hour, every day, or every week—whatever you set it to. If Facebook finds out that what is showing up in your Facebook shop is not accurate, you may become ineligible to sell on Facebook/Instagram (see the commerce requirements). Once your store is linked to your social channels and vice versa, you’ll be pulling in customers from all platforms and your sales will get rolling quicker than you’d expected. _____ Have you heard the big… 6.7K likes. and it got validated? A pop up box will appear asking you to put in the link you would like to send people to. Since there isn't an integration between Etsy and Facebook, when something sells on Etsy, the quantity/availability on Facebook shops will not automatically adjust like it does on Etsy. Will give it a try. The only way to get it more automated is to have your FB catalog connected to one of their 3rd party app integrations. At the end of this process, you'll get a confirmation screen that your Instagram shop has been sent for approval. Your catalog will hold all of your products. Download your "Currently For Sale Listings" and save the CSV file. Keep captions minimal (one to three sentences), especially when the goal is to get readers to click on a link. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Add a new revenue channel of designing facebook stores for your clients. A place for Etsy sellers and buyers to post products and all things Etsy. I cannot find the back office. However, finding engaging content for your audience on a daily basis is not a simple task. There are some additional notes about each column on the sample sheet I would advise reading. If you’re curious about paid ads but not sure how they will work for your business, start with a small budget. When you update your shop with new listings do you have to redo the download data part? Connect your store to your desired Facebook fan page. Sign into Facebook using your Facebook personal profile. Step 1: Add photos and video. Something to keep in mind when promoting a new item, be sure to add interesting details about the items in your captions (think materials, gifting occasions, or other interesting facts) this helps keep your posts from feeling overly promotional.