A lot of this is down to the fact that Honda had to develop a brand new engine for this scooter to meet the upcoming, stricter emissions norms. There are a couple of segment-first features on this new Activa 125 as well. And thanks to the ACG starter, this process is absolutely seamless. Panel gaps are extremely consistent and even the switchgear quality is better than pretty much all other scooters out there -- truly befitting of a scooter at this price point. Now the Activa 125 clearly isn’t meant to be a performance scooter such as the TVS NTorq or the Aprilia SR125, so the fact that it’s amongst the slowest 125cc scooters to accelerate from 0-60kmph (8.72 seconds) is something we won’t hold against it. It allows for absolutely silent starts, without any of that traditional “khichkhichkhich” sound you hear of the starter motor trying to turn the engine. Comfort. This is a brand new fuel-injected engine that the company has built from the ground-up. 4.0 /5. Now it might not seem like such a big deal, but it’s when you see, er... hear, er... actually not hear, in action, it’ll blow your mind. While this headlight offers a good throw and spread, it needs to be brighter to be of much use on completely unlit roads. This should go a long way in making the Activa 125 a great scooter for your daily commute through the urban jungle. So if you’re in the market for a 125cc scooter right now, it becomes a little difficult to recommend the Activa 125. The Deluxe model features a front disc brake and Honda’s excellent stop-start system. The rear turn indicators are now a little more vertically elongated with a chrome strip running through the middle, forming almost a Honda cars “H” logo at the back. As for the pillion seat, there’s more than enough room to accommodate even large-sized pillions, with the rear footpegs positioned to make for a very comfortable leg posture. At the end of the day, the reason to choose a 125cc scooter over a 110cc scooter is that it needs to be able to pull more load and maintain higher cruise speeds with ease. There’s more than a good chance we’ll see an increase here once we test it with BS6 fuel, once it becomes available. Steering is light and the scooter is easy to manoeuvre through city traffic. Sure, it’s giving you a properly premium experience and is packed to the gills with features (at least the top-end variant), and in that sense, it does feel like it’s worth it. And speaking of sharp, this disc brake-equipped Activa posted one of the best braking distances that we’ve tested on any 125cc scooter till date - 18.94 metres from 60kmph to zero. between the Deluxe models of the BS4 Honda Activa 125 and the new BS6 version, you can see a price jump of nearly Rs 10,000. Till then, we shall reserve our judgement somewhat. The 2019 Honda Activa 125 BS6 makes sense for someone who is looking for a no-frills scooter which is comfortable and efficient. But that’s if you’re riding solo. Also Read: What BS6-compliant Two-Wheelers Can You Buy Today? And the soft seat might start to feel uncomfortable if you have to spend more than an hour riding. And then there’s the trip computer included in the digi-analogue instrument cluster, which gives you instant fuel efficiency, average fuel efficiency and distance to empty readouts -- all very handy to have if you don’t want to rely on guesswork to figure out your next fuel stop. The telescopic fork and rear monoshock are set up rather soft, which results in a plush ride over pretty much all kinds of bad roads, with barely any bumps or potholes filtered to the rider. Now Honda hasn’t just upgraded the existing engine from the BS4 Activa to BS6.