However, the generator suddenly 'blows', causing the lights and the video screens to fail and the room is plunged into semi-darkness. Has the curse It takes its theme from a local Staffordshire legend, making it a thoroughly unique experience that could From the cinema area, guests are let through into the Octagon (still part of the real building) - a large dimly lit eight-sided hall containing more scaffolding and dust-sheets, draped curtains and a whirring generator high on a wall - and are led to believe that the story will be told further through more video screens. time to get to the front. The story has been a local legend for years, but was slightly altered in the ride to make the attraction more appealing. of the ride building itself. Needless to say, the video does not get chance to play its course before strange occurrences begin and before you know it you are making your way into the Vault itself.... Whilst the queue and pre-shows take place in the Towers themselves, as you enter the vault you pass out of the ruins and into a stand-alone attraction building containing a ride based on an old Victorian ride concept called a "Mad House". It is now perceived as one of the best dark rides in the UK, praised for its theatrical and respectful use of the Towers ruins. The branch is lit as if to suggest an evil face with illuminated red eyes and the branch twinkles with fibre-optics before gradually the benches and vault return to their starting positions and the ride is over.[3]. Visit a restoration project that will send your mind spinning! Hex's version embellishes the end of the 'original' tale with the Earl experimenting on one of the fallen branches in a vault deep within the Towers themselves, and it is this vault, with its entrance bricked up behind a bookcase, that has supposedly been sealed up for two centuries and only recently discovered during renovation work. Theme park guests begin their Hex experience by entering through a giant door into the Towers' original Armoury, which now hosts The vault itself is a large hall-like structure, with the decorative ceiling supported by stone pillars, and shelves containing dusty artefacts lit with flickering candles. Unseen by the guests, work was being done on a new building behind Cred Street that would join to the historic structure of the Towers themselves. After much brainstorming, he found that the rich ponce Talbot family who used to own the Towers estate had been cursed at some point in the 1800s after the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury didn't pay his tax and some local tree was cursed by the government to kill off his family for revenge. The group then moves forward into another room where they are shown The tale is gradually revealed as you head through the series of rooms that once acted as the ceremonial entrance to the Towers. Cookie Info   This is explained in several scenes during the experience. Contact   benches stop spinning, and riders are returned to the ground face up. While the queue can at times appear intimidatingly long, thanks to the ride's large capacity it rarely takes too much As the music and the sensation reaches a crescendo, a mass of roots become visible on the 'floor' above – or is it below? High up on the scaffold, a glimpse of the old woman can be seen as she starts repeating the incantation of Guests move on from the cinema room and into the Octagon, a high ceilinged room with eight walls covered in dust sheets and Indeed the story of Hex is also based on a variation on the local legend of The Chained Oak, a landmark that can be found just outside the grounds of Alton Towers. Opened in 2000, Hex – The Legend of the Towers made its debut to mixed reactions. Alton, Staffordshire, England It was a cold stormy night in 1821 and the Earl was travelling back to his home, alton towers,suddenly a black darkAnd figure appeared in the distance. The longitudinal benches are mounted on a platform that can swing back and forth within the vault. The The Armoury runs from the left of the picture, Indeed the story of Hex is also based on a variation on the local legend of The Chained Oak, a landmark that can be found just outside the grounds of Alton Towers. There is a clap of thunder and the room is lit by lightning At the end of the queue line is a large painting of the Earl hung on the wall, and visitors hear a short narrative which gives a brief introduction to the legend before they are shown onwards into the cinema area (still part of the real building) where visitors watch a short film which dramatises the legend and makes it clear that they will soon be visiting the recently discovered vault where the original branch is located. When the seats and room move in sync together, this gives the rider's body a feeling of movement without any physical signs of movement in the room. Adventurous visitors not be hosted at any other theme park in the world. The entrance to Hex takes guests through the actual Grand Entrance to the Towers used by the Earls of Shrewsbury and their guests when Alton Towers was still their home. Hex – The Legend of the Towers is a walkthrough dark ride experience at Alton Towers. upside down staring at the floor of the vault below. The theme of the ride is loosely set around a legend that dates back to the nineteenth century, where the Earl was travelling to the Towers, when a beggar woman approached the carriage, begging for money. Having queued through the Armoury of the house, guests are invited into the Picture Gallery for the ride pre-show. on the 15th Earl and his association with Alton Towers. HEX: The Legend of the Towers. Experience the conclusion of the old local legend come to life ... Hex is one of the most immersive rides at Alton Towers, if not Europe, and is set within the ruins of the Towers