Winners will be contacted a minimum of 4 days ahead of the event. All the pizza dough is fermented for 48 hours and then baked at over 450° so that its light and airy with plenty of that sourdough ‘tang’. You can read our cookies policy here. ‘With stories being the backbone of my work, I wanted to express the excitement, delicious taste and history of FRANCO MANCA’S food with the paintings, whilst maintaining a fun and playful style.’. The proof of their success is in the pie – it’s Holy Pepperoni is topped with two types of pepperoni and nduja sausage, while more contemporary options include the TSB, topped with tenderstem broccoli, manchego and pine nuts.
Franco Manca was launched in 2008, when Hugo and Mascoli took over Franco's pizzeria in Brixton. They have opened three further Franco Mancas in London, in Chiswick, Battersea and at Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford. It’s good to know what’s on your plate.

What’s so special about the pizza at Franco Manca, then? My Parmigiana starter, meanwhile, proves they can do more than just the doughy stuff. His father Giulio was from the region and his mother Franca the daughter of a Milan banker. It’s blast cooked at 450 C meaning the flavour, aroma and moisture cannot escape. The ham is from a single farmer of Gloucester old spots, and the sweet tomatoes are hand-picked in Salerno during July and August only. "I decided to call it Franco Manca, meaning ‘Franco's missing’. We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website. The mozzarella comes from an organic farm in Somerset, to which the restaurant originally had expert Italian cheese maker Albino Scalzitti flown over from Sorrento to consult on producing the best from their water buffalo herds. We do sourdough pizza, as it should be. “In Italian ’Manca’ means 'gone’ – Franco’s gone,” he says. The approach at Franco Manca is to do a handful of things – typically just half a dozen pizzas plus a couple of options for antipasti and dessert on each day’s menu – but do them really well. Try the Middle Eastern lamb variety, topped with spicy mince, alongside more traditional numbers. Mascoli is seen by many as the market’s monarch but he laughs, a little embarrassed, at the reference. You can taste the subtle sourdough tang.
Heading into the centre, be sure that the Truffle is somewhere on your order – a white pizza, both mozzarella and parmesan are topped with white alba truffle oil and portobello mushrooms, with the option to add a mind-boggling portion of burratina on top. There are now six buzzy Homeslice sites across London serving up impressive 20-inch pizzas. There's a staggering number of Franco Manca branches throughout the capital, from Soho to Southfields and Covent Garden to Chiswick. Not to be outdone, the ingredients used for the toppings are rather spectacular too, all with their own back stories of artisan production and sustainable, wholesome credentials. may be fuelling Covid-19 spread through cockroaches, Calling someone 'king of the jungle' not racist because it can refer to a lion, judge rules.

The use of lingua francas has existed since antiquity.

What is simply a pizza to one person, is a whole other world to another…. Bellisimo! This is your perfect spot. Having researched Franco Manca – and the philosophy used to create Neapolitan style pizza – I envisioned a sensational world of love and community.

Website. The sourdough-focused pizza chain now boasts 47 locations across the country, with 36 in London. Try one topped with speck, nduja, spinach, anchovy and harissa for a flavour bomb, and also look out for the monthly-changing specials designed by top chefs. Read our story here >. Looking for online definition of MANCA or what MANCA stands for? They don’t overprice. Slow fast food.

Sofia’s work features the ingredients used in our pizzas. Sarah is inspired by the possible narratives of the world around us, and how our imaginations can transform the mundane.

We top it with At Made of Dough, it’s all about that crust – generously charred and tangy as heck, its arguably the star of the show. In the pieces, pizza makers tend to their creations in the ovens whilst friends come together to share their love of quality ingredients.

He has linked up with more partners, including a former Pizza Express executive, David Page (“Our pizzas are cheaper, and organic!” Mascoli crows,) and a highly efficient managing director, Nabil Mankarios.

Today it keeps its ethnic feel – just – but the queues for what many still describe as the best pizza in London encouraged others, often with Mascoli’s help, to approach the market landlords and open cafes, restaurants and shops.