We are a design agency that helps SaaS CEOs reduce user churn. Any effective pitch deck is going to introduce potential investors to the startup’s principal stakeholders. Is our redesign of the original Dropbox pitch deck more likely to convince investors?

Still, like many other young tech companies, it all started with a pitch deck. How will it turn a profit? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It’s more a modern and effective design, in our opinion. For early stage companies, I like founders looking like this.

The platforms are only interested in your users and not giving theirs away. Peter Thiel's Venture Capital Pitch Deck Template, Limetree (€30K investment) Initial VC Raising Pitch Deck, Monzo: £19.3M VC investment turned into $2B. Tinder Pitch Deck . Again, we replaced Dropbox’s original— and boring— bulleted list with a series of icons that describe each option. In this case, the slide is quite reasonable with 6 variables and 3 competitors. The team have described the product and how it solves the problem and why the timing is right, now they want to drive home why it’s actually a lot better than anything else. Every pitch deck begins with a title page. That’s what Dropbox wants to solve.”. The platform thing again never went anywhere. We appreciate your interest and we'll keep you updated ?

Since then, Dropbox’s meteoric rise to the top of the tech world was made possible by even more investments until 2018 when Dropbox became the first Y Combinator company to go public. They are using what I was presume was recent tech of S3 and EC2 instances. We started out our redesign by choosing a universal theme for all slides, which saved us time because we didn’t have to create each slide from a blank canvas. Tinder's initial pitch deck, No public clipboards found for this slide, Dropbox: $15K VC investment turned into $16.8B. Thank you!

There are similar companies out there doing the same as Dropbox. Learn how to think about writing pitch decks, with this free course. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Take a look at our Dropbox pitch deck redesign and let us know what you think. We'll let you know when new pitches are posted. We made our slide a lot more engaging by placing a colorful bulleted list aside an eye-catching animated image. Look, there they are in startup t-shirts. You need to learn. The original Dropbox pitch deck merely placed its logo atop the same boring white background used for all the previous slides in the presentation. To liven up our redesign, we created two slides from the original single list. The original Dropbox pitch deck effectively displayed how Dropbox compared to other products on the 2007 market by creating a basic chart. So far, Dropbox has raised a total of $1.7B in funding by collecting money from famous investors like JP Morgan, Index Ventures, and Sequoia Capital. It makes you wonder how many investors were asleep at this point of the presentation. Just saying. The original Dropbox pitch deck featured a slide describing storage opportunities “in a perfect world.” We livened up the presentation by splitting this into two slides. It allows for any additional comments or questions before the presentation officially ends. Learn more. The original Dropbox pitch deck was unique in that it featured a product demonstration video among the slides— an excellent strategy to reach additional investors. As they described the competition screwing things up (largely technically) they proceed to explain the technical advantages they possess.

It puts us in a different class because we don’t have to depend on our own IT infrastructure to get information to the customer. A closing slide can make or break a pitch deck. The amount Dropbox raised with this pitch deck is still unknown, but of high value for every entrepreneur who wants to build a great slide deck. We easily recreated the chart using Beautiful.ai’s desktop screenshot slide with an accompanying list. How does Dropbox work? No definitions matter when you use the term viral.

One thing that’s wrong on this slide is the ‘lack of distribution’ specifically the partnerships. And btw, Venture Beat wrote about us saying some nice things that support what we have been telling you Mr. Investor. If you want to learn about virality, check out this blog and a massively detailed and free excel model to download. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. My recommendation is to do this: Timing is a slide that is not only hard to do well, but that most founders do not include in the deck. Fundamentally the solution is a tech-based one and one that has to be holistic. Beautiful.ai’s team members slide template is the real MVP here. ‘Obsession with performance’ is not a technical advantage but it contributes to the mentality of the team. ", Charlie Stone, VP of Sales and Marketing at GIW Minerals, Get – and keep – the attention of customers by sharing links with custom branding, Securely share pitch decks and marketing materials straight from your Dropbox, Edit proposals and finalise contracts quickly and easily with shared folders. But do you actually use any of them?”, Drew: “Ok. Please try again. We even set a cohesive font profile for our presentation, choosing the same font in different sizes for our headers, titles and body text. Seeing pitch decks that have raised money from investors is hugely valuable. Theranos' initial pitch deck, Tinder: $0 to $10B in 7 years. Accelerate deals with Dropbox Business. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Unfortunately, they relied on the same boring bulleted list they used for the previous slides.