Today, the line continues to blur between the various approaches to recording all genres of music, including classical. Scores, sheet music, mp3 audio recordings, midi files, thematic notation, themes dictionary, and heaps of musical information, for world-famous melodies, songs and instrumental music, all in one place. expression, so in the classical period it went out of favour, to be replace by Suitable for weddings. Create a free website or blog at It’s a great idea, and at first glance, it makes perfect sense: use two high quality microphones, (preferably omni capsules) spaced the same distance apart as the human ears, find the best seat in the house, and voila – A perfect stereo recording! To add one more log to the fire: Binaural, single-point recordings can only be truly experienced with headphones. When the applause is edited (and subsequently brought down) the music must be brought up for optimum playback level….along with the noise floor, and any other gremlins in the room or the electrical/signal path that have crept in during the recording process. in France "Flute a bec' and in Italy "Flauto dolce". Descant, Tenor Recorders, Despres: Scaramella. They are deadly accurate, and will record EXACTLY what they are “hearing,” warts and all. Gaudete: a latin carol from the Finnish Piae Cantiones of 1582, and famously sung by Steeleye Span. Without going into a whole sidebar on the bad things that happen to good audio in television broadcasting, cable distribution, etc., what you’ll probably notice is a less than perfect stereo image, compressed (and sometimes hissy or lumpy) audio, and even occasional distortion on the peaks. Recording Classical Music: Microphones and Multi-tracks Some would say the only true way to record classical music is just one pair of microphones. The audio component completes the experience, with the brain having the final say on what is necessary and important. Of course, we know this isn’t so, as long as folks can see something, they are often happy enough. Non-members are able to download a small selection of our free files, these are marked "Free Printing". a very soft, pure and sweet tone. Brahms Lullaby arranged for Recorder and piano. No more searching the internet only to find poor quality copies or faded scans. [Not part of your membership]. It has always been a long-held ideal to find the perfect “sweet” spot in the audience, in order to best experience and/or record a live performance. ), Recording Classical Music: Microphones and Multi-tracks. Keep an open mind, and read on….. Very often, the result is a more distant, less-detailed listening experience; almost listless, because it’s now been pushed through two sets of listening environments. Now let’s take the same concept and plug it into a “live” concert experience, where there are usually no HD video cameras or glossy post-editing. Like the DVR/DVD experiment, this type of recording – 2 omni microphones in the audience – will have a dramatically different impact after-the-fact, in an audio-only listening test. Scaramella, or Scaramouche, goes to war. (Even better: play it elsewhere from you television-viewing environment. Payments can be made in most currencies as well as United States Dollars. ( Log Out /  Arabesque, arranged for recorder and piano. Very often, the noise is so constant that it sinks into the background, unconsciously accepted by the audience because it’s been there the whole time. In Germany it is a "BlockFlotte", Crisp timing. recorder was popular in the renaissance and baroque periods, when it was Live, it’s one thing; recorded, it’s quite another. It’s twice the airspace, twice the room ambience, and no visuals to distract you. In Without a doubt: in the wrong hands, too many microphones or improper use can wreck havoc on an already balanced performance that the conductor and musicians have created. Once things have settled down and the audience is seated and relatively quiet, you’ll find many other distractions lurking along the way: If it’s an old church on a steam heating system, the pipes may be banging long like some old ghost is trapped in the basement. A well placed, single-source stereo pair of omni-directional microphones knows no such selective/human filtering. Descant Recorder and Piano.