The best way to prevent and control problems with cigarette beetles and other pests is to implement a year-round pest control services from Schendel Pest. The main difference that distinguishes the two bugs are that the antennae of the Drugstore Beetle has a distinct three-segmented club structure compared to the cigarette beetles serrated antennae. Yes, our treatment methods are safe for use around people, pets, and plants. Cigarette beetles are a type of stored product pest that are considered to be a nuisance pest. We are able to provide our customers with FREE quotes, and our technicians are dedicated to making sure that you are aware of any changes to the price of your service before treatment begins. Stop moles and other lawn pests from destroying your yard with help from WW. 2) Traps Pantry Pest Traps represent the simplest and most effective solution for getting rid of Cigarette beetles … Consume older food products prior to newer purchases of the same food. Their heads are bent downward giving their bodies and overall humpbacked appearance. Highly trained bed bug dogs and effective heat treatments ensure bed bugs are eliminated! This is important because moisture favors the development of Cigarette beetles; dryness discourages them. It is also common for adults to come in through gaps around windows and doors as they search for food. Schendel follows very strict guidelines, and all of our conventional products are EPA registered, further ensuring the safety of their use. In addition to year-round pest control there are some steps that you can take around your home to help deter cigarette beetles from invading it. Females lay their eggs in pantry items and when the eggs hatch the larvae eat, pupate and develop into an adult. Solutions designed to remove and keep wildlife away from your home. Adult cigarette beetles have the ability to fly and are drawn to areas where there is light. Cigarette beetles are a big nuisance though. We had been advised on each visit that there was wood in our crawl space that the termites were feeding on and it needed to be removed in order to protect our house. All of our pest services are priced standardly. Adults grow to be about 1/10th of an inch in length and are a light yellowish-brown color. Tips for Control The control of any stored product pest involves many steps, … At Schendel we understand how important time is when dealing with a pest invasion; which is why we are committed to helping our customer most often the same day or at the very latest the next day. Make sure to rotate your dry goods, eliminating old or expired food from your panty. The larvae of the cigarette beetle are slightly smaller than the adult, worm-like and are a creamy white color. A female cigarette beetle can lay up to 100 eggs in her life cycle. Thank you so much!! cigarette beetle treatment Cіgаrеttе Bееtlеѕ аrе ѕmаll – аbоut 1/8th оf аn іnсh lоng – аnd арреаr tо bе оvаl оr аlmоѕt ѕquаrе іn ѕhаре. This means that cigarette beetle … Our technicians will provide you with an initial interior and exterior service and quarterly follow-up visits to ensure pest are controlled around your property and in your home. They are active year-round as long as their environment stays above 65 degrees. We also thought it was worth telling you what a valuable employee you have, one who cares about his customers and their homes and goes the extra mile. We had completely forgotten about it and so I promised I would make sure my husband got it out right away (I was in my 8th month of pregnancy at the time, otherwise I would have been out there myself). Their body is an oval shape and appear to be humpbacked because their head is bent down at an angle and is almost invisible from above. When my husband came home and pointed to this huge pile of wood out our kitchen window, my jaw dropped. Carlton said he'd go treat the area, and I promised a big note on the fridge to my husband to make sure it didn't get forgotten about again. Thеу аrе mоѕt lіkеlу tо bе а ѕhіnу rеddіѕh brоwn соlоr аnd сlоѕеlу … Cigarette beetles are often mistaken to be the Drugstore Beetle … We asked Carlton to come back so we could give him a tip for his service and thank him again for all that he did for us - he went above and beyond any expectation we had. Insulate your home with pest control insulation to keep energy bills down and insects out. The larvae of the cigarette beetle … Our technicians use the smallest amount of material possible to solve your pest problem whether that is using natural products, baits, or conventional products. So Carlton let us know for a third time that the wood was there and there were termites on it. The cigarette beetle’s name may suggest that they only infest dried tobacco, but in fact they will infest a wide range of products that include: cereal, pasta, dried spices, leather, dried flowers, pet food, and book bindings. Advanced termite treatments for maximum protection against termite damage. DIY pest control chemicals are very dangerous to use; especially in kitchen and pantry areas and are mostly ineffective. Contact us today, and see how quickly we help. Caulk gaps around windows and doors and install door sweeps to help stop cigarette beetles from accidentally making their way into your home. Cigarette beetles are a type of stored product pest that are considered to be a nuisance pest. The safest way to control a cigarette beetle infestation is with the help of a trained professional. Cigarette beetles have serrated antennae and have wings; they are fairly strong fliers. Cigarette beetles are often introduced into a home accidentally in products purchased from stores that are already infested. ... Before applying treatment… I was puzzled, but thanked him and off he went. Thoroughly inspect dry goods at the store before purchasing them to be sure that there are no holes or tears in the packaging. If for any reason a pest treatment is needed between visits we will provide that treatment at no additional charge. Drugstore beetles closely resemble the Cigarette Beetle, another pantry pest. The cigarette beetle is also a major pest in museums, where it attacks botany displays and other artifacts of vegetative origin. When Carlton was done, he gave me my paperwork and said he went ahead and removed the wood for us, but couldn't haul it away. Pricing may be dependent on the size of your home and number of treatments that are required to solve your specific pest problem. This was a second follow-up visit to our yearly termite inspection during which termites had been found and treated. Avoid mosquitoes at your next outdoor event with effective mosquito treatments. It is also helpful to store dry goods in your pantry in plastic or glass containers with locking lids instead of in their original packaging. We provide our customers with our Pest-Zero Guarantee, this means that we guarantee your home will stay pest free for one year. Because cigarette beetles infest food that is stored within your home, trying to control them on your own can be very dangerous. As life is busy, and when a project such as this one is out of sight, it becomes easily out of mind as well.