2 Landlords’ Responsibilities With prior notice but no permission? Notice of Entry Laws in Idaho. Regarding the panties. Moscow, Idaho ! brief answer. The landlord may enter rental ... break a lease without good cause. Even though we are renting the individual rooms, the landlord gave us permission to use the rest of the house. Most peole complain that they are having a problem and no one shows up to fix it. It can be difficult for a tenant to enforce h is/her r ights, s o consid er a land lord’s practice s or reputation before renting. The landlord cannot enter on a holiday or on the tenant’s day of religious worship (presumed to be Sunday unless the tenant has informed the landlord, in writing, of a different day). For an emergency, yes 2. January 2015 Show the unit to potential buyers or tenants; How much notice must the landlord provide the tenant before entering the unit? When can a landlord enter the unit right away without providing the tenant with a twenty-four hour written notice? With prior notice and permission, yes 3. 1. Candidly, it seems like you are giveing him a load of crap. Emergency: If there is a genuine emergency that effects the health or safety of the tenant or in an emergency that requires immediate protection of the premises from damage, the landlord may enter the unit without giving a twenty-four hour written notice. A lot of answers here and I’d like to summarize the answers. Make necessary or agreed upon repairs . The landlord should also: 1. Before running a credit check, the landlord should obtain the prospective tenant’s written consent. Here we have a dispute. The landlord may enter the tenant’s unit to: Inspect the unit . They have entered the property more than once when my two other roommates and I were not home without giving us any kind of notice. income, employment and credit to verify the can applicant afford to pay the rent each month. A landlord can enter a rental unit without written notice, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. only, if: the lease requires the landlord to clean the premises they, or their employees, can enter for that purpose; the tenancy is being terminated, the landlord can enter to show the premises to prospective tenants; Entry without notice and at any time As long as the landlord follows these rules, the tenant’s consent is not needed and the landlord can enter without the tenant being present. I’m a landlord but have also been a renter. He picked up clothing and treaded it respecfully and put it up in a civilized fashin. Is he allowed to enter without giving us any kind of notice? Ggrow up. The landlord and tenant should make sure a tenant can af ford the monthly rent and any other possible expenses before moving into a rental property. Landlords do not have to provide tenants with notice of their intent to enter the unit. My landlord and his wife do not live on the premises, but their daughter does. If the landlord rejects an applicant because of negative credit information, the landlord must provide the applicant with the following information: 1. The landlord can only enter with permission or for reasons agreed to in the lease. the landlord can enter in case of a suspected emergency.