Contrary to popular belief, roach killer sprays with a higher concentration of the active ingredient don’t actually make for more effective or stronger products. walk over a sprayed area, the chemicals are immediately absorbed through its skin. Unfortunately, there are also those that rely on old positive fame but have fallen in terms of quality, as well as good and effective brands that haven’t yet made a name for themselves on the market. One unfortunate downside of this product is that it comes without a hose for the sprayer, so you’ll need to get one separately. It is very nice to see a peppermint spray for roaches that kills over 100 different species of pests, including cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps, silverfish, fleas, and many others. There is one major upside to buying a product with an intolerable smell and that’s the fact that you can spray it in a garage or a storage area and use it as a mice repellent as well. We got you back. The opposite mistake is also often made – in trying to apply enough product, some homeowners spray too much which is a waste of product (especially if sprayed in the wrong place) and it will require more time to dry off. But one must be careful of applying the product to the affected areas. In an effort to conserve the product or maintain a relatively toxin-free home, a lot of owners apply the roach killer sprays too lightly which greatly diminishes their effectiveness. Such products simply attempt to confuse the pests and thus – to keep them away from you. Odorless, with an artificial smell, or with a typical bug spray smell. Most such products are safe once they’ve dried off (as long as your pet isn’t actively licking the area), but are toxic while they are still wet (even when they claim otherwise). As with any other product niche, with roach killer sprays there are also brands that are well-known for their high quality, and those that are known to be subpar. As such, it’s a good idea to choose a bug spray with a nozzle, straw and other attachments that will allow you to easily reach all those otherwise inaccessible areas. Seal up any cracks, holes, and crevices in your home. If your roach is that serious, however, you can also simply call an exterminator. Of course, if you do have pets or kids, you still need to be careful as to where you’re placing the traps – it’s not uncommon for cats or dogs to mistake roach traps for toys. So, as complicated as it can seem to find the best cockroach spray or even just a roach spray that works, we hope that this article has shed at least some light on the matter. All pets and children should be evacuated from rooms where you’ve sprayed recently to make sure that they won’t accidentally touch the still wet areas. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. As effective as it is, however, like all other natural products, it’s just not as powerful as the heavy-duty chemical anti-roach sprays. Any roach or ant that passes over a wet or dry spraying will die within 24 hours. Said bias is usually easy to spot, however, and such industry reviews often provide a lot of important or additional information. It’s not uncommon for such symptoms to not become immediately visible or noticeable, but the animal’s internal physical health to be strained and put at risk after the skin has absorbed the bug killer spray. It comes with an additional wand that helps to reach the most difficult corners. Other brands aim to make their roach sprays as odorless as possible, to varying degrees of success. If you’ve located a roach nest you can also consider some direct methods such as heat guns. Usually, it’s because you might have pets or small children and you don’t want them crawling on pesticides. If you have that many cockroaches in your home calling an exterminator is generally a good idea. It has a very practical design that allows for wide-spreading, as well as precise reach into otherwise inaccessible places. Your email address will not be published*, The Bengal Chemical roach spray is very strong and highly effective against all common roach types if applied correctly, This is an almost odorless cockroach spray which is quite rare for such a powerful anti-roach spray, This is a permethrin and nylon spray and it doesn’t just kill cockroaches but also prevent their further spreading for months after the spray’s application, The Bengal Chemical roach spray may be highly effective but it’s not a miracle – roaches that pass through sprayed areas will die within 24 hours rather than immediately, The wand attachment gives the Raid Max a great reach and control over the spraying. This spray is excellent at reaching hard and usually inaccessible spots behind baseboards, inside cracks and crevices where cockroaches typically dwell and breed in. Raid 11717 Ant & Roach Killer >> Best Over-the-counter budget Roach Spray. One benefit of the foam that makes this a worthy consideration for the best roach killer spray is that it spreads after its application and can cover in larger inaccessible areas. They approach differently in their way of working as the Bengal roach spray kills the roaches slowly and on the other hand, the Raid spray kills insects on contact. Mosquito repellents, for example, help keep mosquitoes from biting by producing an intolerably strong smell that will repel them. It offers a lot of kill potential against roaches as it exterminates within 24 hours of the direct contact and prevents their follow up spreading for up to 6 months after spraying. Additionally, even the weakest scent can attract the attention of your pet and you don’t want that. These are the typical places that cockroaches tend to lay their eggs in, so sealing them up is a good way to make your home even less cockroach-friendly. Even if not, you might just not want to spray pesticides in your home in general. You can spray an entire can in our home if you want but if you miss a couple of key spots where roaches come from then your efforts might be in vain (or at the very least the spray might take a while to work). Lastly, the Black Flag Dry Aerosol is another great roach repellent spray that will quickly finish off any roach or bug that passes through the treated areas. The Raid Max Ant & Roach Spray is an expected inclusion to any best professional roach spray list. There are multiple studies that have been done on whether indoor pesticides have a noticeable negative effect on a pregnant woman’s or her baby’s health, but the results are inconclusive. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It does turn invisible once it dries off of course. This dry aerosol comes with an active ingredient that eventually helps to provide 100% work efficiency. Don’t use this spray as a regular room spray to be dispensed in the air above cockroaches as it’s too toxic to be used so haphazardly. It’s almost odorless, but it’s also very toxic, so keep it away from pets and kids. While spraying, move the spray quickly so that you don’t spray unnecessarily too much on one spot – the spray is potent enough to work with even a light spread. Raid Sometimes, you get up close and personal with a cockroach. Shake well before spraying and avoid spraying in the air, over food, dishes, countertops, or least of all – in the direction of other people, children or pets. Raid Sometimes, you get up close and personal with a cockroach. As such, price differences between different brands may not be as crucial, but it still doesn’t hurt to keep them into consideration. Long-lasting or with little to no residual effect. The Bengal Chemical Roach Spray contains nylon and is a permethrin-based product. Once a cockroach or any other insect (ants, spiders, fleas, etc.) This can be due to different factors. Heat guns kill cockroaches by rapidly dehydrating them within seconds which is highly effective when applied on enclosed roach nests. With all those considerations in mind, you should be read into the endless stream of customer and professional reviews and articles online. If you spray an object that the cockroach will eat then the chemicals can be even directly ingested for an even stronger effect, but that’s rarely needed (and it involves leaving trash on your home’s floor). There is another potential risk, however, especially with babies and pets – touching, playing with, or eating dead cockroaches. Both the products are highly poisonous, but the Bengal roach spray maintains an odorless usage on the opposite the Raid spray has a stinky odor. Though this spray does not kill roaches on contact it takes time and kills them steadily. You can read plenty about how citrus liquids, cucumber peels, herbal leaves, or plain soap water can repel cockroaches, but these are typically nonsense. If you want less toxic residue left on your floor for your kids and pets to walk over – choose a more lightly concentrated spray. It’s highly toxic and should never be sprayed openly in the air like a room spray. Of course, such a correlation is not necessary and odorless or scented roach sprays can be just as potent, but that’s how customers tend to think. Keep it away from any contact with people’s or pets’ eyes, skin or clothing, as well as from food and dishes. It also works on the wet spaces like in sinkholes. Whether you’re just looking to get rid of some common roaches and ants or from silverfish, crickets, spiders, waterbugs or anything similar, there is no question about whether does raid roach spray really work or not.