It is a general state of dynamics that cause young people to reject religion. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. European countries are far more secular than the USA (by a long shot) but if anything there is more moral decay in the USA. Needless to say, 8-year-old me had a very hard time puzzling this all together. Your article speaks to the state of and the direction of our society. The birthrate among Caucasians in Northern Europe and the US is well below 2. Why? Not surprisingly, many religious leaders tend to embrace the first explanation, while nonreligious people see greater merit in the second. Granted, could be wrong, but it's a theory. All of this is likely to be difficult under any circumstances, but quite often the difficulties are increased by pressure from religious family members and other believers in the community. Eventually, you’re just going to get frustrated and give everything the finger as you walk away. The bigger issue me isn't about God but about moral fiber or simple boundaries.. Isn't it weird the way we automatically label a tiny child with its parents' religion?". I work with many refugees from Ethiopia and Somalia and I see it happening with them already. Or did you give up on religion as a teen? I think not growing up in a monolithic culture helps. So imagine my surprise when this kid in school told me he actually believed in God, and prayed to him every day. That just goes to show how religion infects the mind, and causes otherwise rational people to throw rational thought out the door. In fact, a godless upbringing has advantages because it avoids so many of the dangers that accompany religion. 3) Scientifically implausible. July 31, 2013. Meanwhile, rarely will someone who wasn't indoctrinated as a child pick up religion as an adult, for the same reason that kids who didn't believe in Santa Claus rarely become adults who think Santa is real. Millennials, the largest group turning away from organized religion, is also the group most likely to donate their time for community service. I went to Sunday School and Church every Sunday. Are Millennials moving away from religion during young adulthood, or does the disconnection begin earlier -- are more being raised without relgion at all? 3) Scientifically implausible. Our society does not demonstrate the type of interpersonal and community positive reinforcement for others as they once did when religion was predominant. It might sell books to make people feel righteous about themselves, but it doesn't reflect the reality that we were all once considered no good youngsters. Growing up in Sweden is awesome in a lot of ways, but something we don’t have much of is religion. The figures in the paper show these large changes that accelerated just in the last few years -- things are changing, fast. Thirteen percent of Millennials report that they were raised in a nonreligious household. Of course you are right -- meditation is not always religious, nor did we claim it was in the paper. Atheists may rely upon any number of different foundations for morality, but a common one will be empathy for other human beings. However, the generational differences are much starker. See here for more: Yet the bullshit is for the ignorant population because many Americans hold dear to family. Why is religion on the wane in American society -- and what does it mean about where were are headed? A child can be raised without religion and without gods and not be any worse off for it.