“Independent taste tests conducted in Good Housekeeping kitchens have not been able to tell any differences between raw and pasteurized eggs,” according to Food Safety News,[21] and in two out of three tastings a Chicago Tribune reporter preferred pasteurized eggs flavor over farmers market eggs. which identifies them as pasteurized by the Safest Choice® precision-pasteurization process. The distinctive benefit of pasteurized shell eggs is food safety. In the early 1990s, the Coxes were introduced to L. John Davidson. However, if an egg that contains salmonella is consumed raw/ partially cooked, or used to prepare food that calls for raw/partially cooked eggs, it poses a risk of food poisoning for the consumer. [14][15] Pasteurizing eggs in their shells can also be achieved through a process that involves treatment with ozone and reactive oxygen species under high and low pressures, followed by replacement with an inert gas, such as nitrogen. Keep tab of upcoming events in this space or via our Egg Story Facebook. The inside of eggs that appear normal can contain Salmonella that can make you sick …. [4] As few as 15 bacterial cells can cause food-borne illness. Ideal for recipes with lightly cooked eggs with runny yolks. Consider the storage method and display temperature which impact egg freshness when selecting the retailers to purchase fresh eggs from. The combination of time and temperature heats the eggs in their shells to the exact temperature needed to kill Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) bacteria and Bird Flu Virus, if present inside and outside the eggs -- without cooking the eggs. “What keeps me motivated is the support of our customers and our government who have the faith and trust in the high quality, food safety, and good value that our products offer.”. Does pasteurization affect the nutritional value and taste of the egg? Pasteurized liquid egg white, egg yolk, and whole egg. They may be sold as liquid egg products or pasteurized in the shell. After pasteurization, the eggs are coated with food-grade wax to maintain freshness and prevent environmental contamination and stamped with a blue or red "P" in a circle to distinguish them from unpasteurized eggs. Always look out for for assured pasteurization quality when choosing your eggs. Luckily for consumers, N&N fresh eggs and Egg Story pasteurized eggs are available through a number of different avenues. They also do not recommend eating shell eggs that are raw or undercooked due to the possibility that Salmonella bacteria may be present. Stringent Pasteurization process to ensure Food Safety. [10] This is achieved by heating the products to a specified temperature for a specified period. As the feed our hens eat affects the eggs they lay, our hens are fed a nutritious diet to ensure our eggs are lower in cholesterol and contain Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin D3 or E. Our feeding processes are regulated and meticulously monitored regularly. He added that for N&N’s Egg Story brand of pasteurized fresh eggs, the eggs have been stringently pasteurized to kill Salmonella and Bird Flu virus that may be present inside and outside the eggs, hence they offer the assurance of food safety, especially for children, seniors, pregnant ladies, and individuals with lower immunity. All Rights Reserved by Egg Story. Pasteurized Eggs Singapore. You can purchase pasteurized egg whites in most grocery stores. In terms of the future of N&N Agriculture, CEO Ma has some big plans! Purchase eggs from retailers with a fast stock turnover to ensure freshness of the eggs on sale.